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WFL a port Richey acting mayor Terrance rose just bonded out of jail on charges that include obstruction of Justice role became acting mayor after mayor Dale massad was arrested about three weeks ago for Pratt. Medicine without a license. Investigators say the charges against Roe are related, but are an offshoot of charges against massad this morning. The Pinellas county man accused of throwing his little girl from bridge appears in court. Today's hearing is expected to be the last before the trial begins on Monday with jury selection. John John Chuck is charged with first degree murder. Prosecutors say he drove to the top of the dick Meisner bridge near the sunshine skyway in January of two thousand fifteen and dropped his five year old daughter Phoebe sixty feet to her death. His defense team will try to prove insanity. John Chuck was determined to be incompetent to stand trial. And he did spend time at a state mental hospital. Then a judge ruled that he was mentally capable of proceeding with this criminal case. Sharon, Parker NewsRadio. WFL a Tampa international airport says the grounding of all Boeing seven thirty-seven, max eight and nine jets won't disrupt. Too many flights coming in and out of Tampa. Fifteen three cancelled flights due to the grounding. And I thought about you know, four or five hundred flights. That's we don't expect it to be too impactful. But obviously anybody who is flying who has concerns about their piping impaction to contact their airlines, Emily nips with TIAA says most of the impact it's lights are with Southwest Airlines. Saint Pete Clearwater airport says the grounding has not impacted lights there after most of the world grounded the planes, President Trump, reversed course, and also called for the max eight and nine jets to be grounded because of two recent crashes involving seven thirty sevens. The Hollywood actress caught up in a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal appears in court actors Louis Lachlan released on one million dollars bond. Same as her husband Massimo Gianola fallout from a federal investigation into a college in Michigan bribery scam titled operation bar city, blues the couple along with fellow. Actress can listen Huffman were part of a list of some fifty people charged in a scheme to cheat. The. Missions process at eight sought after school's Lachlan is being permitted travel within the continental US British Columbia where she's currently filming. However, she did handover passport. She can talk about the case to her husband and kids, but no one else. One of her kids Olivia Jade could be kicked out of the school. She attends next hearing is March twenty ninth. Michelle Pollino, Fox News. It's a rebuke to President Trump. Congress is expected to pass a resolution overturning Trump's emergency declaration at the border with Mexico. President Trump and senior White House officials have been putting the screws to Senate Republicans over a resolution disapproving the national emergency declaration. The president says the vote is about border security and should not be thought of any other way, the house already adopted the resolution passage in the Senate would force a veto by the president Utah Republican Mike leases he's supporting the resolution after negotiations for legislation designed to limit future national emergencies failed to gain momentum or support from the president. On Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News. Former Texas congressman Beto Rourke is reportedly going to enter the twenty twenty presidential race Katyusah MTV in aerobics hometown of Paso reports. The democrat confirmed he's going to seek the democratic nomination or Rorick will make the formal announcement today. Nasa says some rocks put on ice are getting a closer. Look NASA has decided to finally examined some move samples that were brought back from the Apollo fifteen and seventeen missions samples that have been in cold storage sealed since they were collected on the moon. Two teams at the agency's Goddard Space Flight center will analyze these nearly fifty year old samples to better understand the abundance of organic compounds and how these materials with sand the effects of cosmic rays. Nasa is hoping to get the most out of its past missions ahead of a planned returned to the moon in the next decade. Jim Chenevey, CBS news. It's five thirty five at News Radio. WFL a weather is next. Did you lose a lot of? Money on the market last year. You obviously, we're not listening to me. I'm Ted web. Not just a spokesman for Graham capital advisors. But a client as well David Graham had been predicting the market correction for a long time. He'd been warning that the current bull market was in its tenth year and the average business cycle lasts about five and a half years. Don't lose any more money, especially if you're close to retirement, or if.

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