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Participate or if you want to volunteer and we need all of those things so we'll be clear let me make this really clear so it's C. O. dot miss amazing dot org dot com dot O. R. G. and if if there if there folks out there who have kids who would love to do this or if you want to do it yourself you're still looking for people to enroll into this to be to be part of the event correct eight wow wow and one of the things I've learned going through what I have with my son is how many things are out there that are spectacular for him but you just don't know about them and here's one that I've I had no idea existed how how old is your son because he could be a right hand man to we have right here I I have no idea I haven't talked to in years great okay he is fifteen perfect yeah maybe we'll check it out maybe he said what is the right hand man do just escort the girls up on stage again little stage time to sell it to you he was like that yeah I'd like that a lot how would you go what what do you want to tell other kids who are dealing with with disabilities whether it's physical or intellectual what do you want them to know I'm just saying don't give up life goes on and and like if you wanna do miss amazing till you shed and not only like people with disabilities by other people at the that like you know without without disabilities they can be a body to with.

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