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Daubney is the head of school for the school. Philosophical and historical inquiry at the University of Sydney, the government have made it very clear that they new policy ultimately boils down to how job relevant a degree. Degree has been deemed now for the odds, humanities that one hundred thirteen percent increase in phase under that rationale is a pretty damning indictment on employability, but also utility for covid recovery for agricultural studies and maths degrees. It's a sixty two percent decrease teaching us in clinical psychology English language degrees. It's down forty six percent so just to start off. We witnessing shift at the moment in how we understand higher learning away from that classical understanding, going back to as far as Plato's Academy says a very distinct. Of providing a qualification for a job, yes, say the thing that stopped me was Cardinal Newman's idea. The university and and sort of unit idea around gene vessel education that move towards that has been happening for many decades now to move occasional education less emphasis on declining education in itself, but I think that's problematic for reasons been excluded verse responses. To issues I it is if it is found a certification imperative if you lie, and if it is about that, have they got that? Right? Because I've been looking at change increase in A. Remake CINCY groove vacation. Perspective of somebody that sound that is interesting in evidence dates when I become and the people who are making these decisions are also interested in this that. The day. It just doesn't stack up the humanities and. Social Sciences degrees on onset. We're not providing employability in providing more employability. people with those kinds of degrees by government wouldn't exist wouldn't operate without people with humanities degrees, the lots of evidence that the people with those kinds of backgrounds and degrees have a better employability. High salaries, so this doesn't make sense in terms of employability you know, but I don't think a university should be about that and I think that's compensation needs to have a much higher level because. What. Is University Education for in the end? I, completely, because it's, it's about humanity and walk drives us. What what the essence of humanity as? Of Humanity is not. Decision making in a way, and in any way everything's moving towards multi disciplinary understanding of Knowledge Anyway suicide did silence privileged ever? Completely misses. The point of where knowledge is is going Albany. What's the response been by? The research is in academics within your department. They concerns about job cuts, or even the value to the institution that they work for would have caused some in the covid. Nineteen crisis is put a huge strain on higher educational, just in university Sydney, just not just in Australia across the planet. So there's been this model said needs to be relooked at in terms of the government, simple government funding international fees as the things which ed nuts and bolts, but then on a higher level as what are we actually gonNA deliver for for the next generation and the generations that are getting degrees dark, actually put on on a platform that actually makes them employable makes them. Citizens of the world and can take up new opportunities. Obviously, we need an infrastructure, an education system that delivers that and education. As a as a business and a a deliver of of real economic impact in Sydney for example is huge so. Not just about the job cuts the issues impacting the institutions. It's what that then looks like means full the student body, and the the people that rely on the income that those students the the accommodation food that the social events. There's this desert entire industry. Degrees? That's always been historical breeding ground for young activism. Do you think that in many ways that understanding of a university as somewhere where you can taste politically and find your ideological nation is going to potentially disappear if as we say, degrees become more vocationally targeted, and there's less of an emphasis on exploring yourself now this whole manipulation of of Education and value the value system, the politicians of trying to put on different types of education, different types of degrees, different types of learning. Is Crazy essentially because they're all valuable, but they're also all adding to sightsee at all will end up. With is a bunch of of graduates who are not exploring the world, not understanding. The complexities a well known amy those conversations that they need to have with their peers with their huges. Fellow students a not you know. Does this whole idea that we need to get students job ready, but we need to get life ready as well. There will be a huge gap in those things if we're just focusing on. Science Engineering Economics the awesome. They humanities aware. The complexities of life are really explored dealt with on the rule set no on their own account of scientific debate, as well a load of interdisciplinary space load of subjects that you would think would never have relevance to Modern Day society have real relevance, but. Maybe, it's maybe it's time that we actually made that a bit moral facing and made that more clear to. To politicians because value university education known about what you learn it by Finding out who you are an onsite funny I had. A think can be critical. Those are skills that. Be matched in a in a in a workplace in you. Great Members Society Professor Badly Behavioral Economics ultimately the Science of decision making in the government's new plan is all about decision making it's trying to convince young Australians to make Joe Brady choices on a very sort of primitive level, a human beings likely to actually take the lead of the government, or do you think? Passion will still prevail over price well that that's a very interesting question. The rationale of this policies of course incentive sustained standard that whether they really thought that through very carefully. I don't know, but that's what they're trying to do. Vice. Young PEOP-, Ted Substance particular directions and I guess it misses the point. Village, CHEERING BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS ABOUT Intrinsic. Versus extrinsic engine so. The idea that the people do things just the money. Just the they'll get paid is a very limited understanding of what might face today things. So, many people will want to head foot. Jobs that I've had passion and got sort of intrinsic motivation of funding passion prime job done while priding. Ship older suspicious go be on the puny monitored trade citizen. It's very much focused on the monetary incentives and Milton abroad. The drivers behind people's decisions behaviors I guess it's not necessarily paternalistic in a traditional sense, saying the process Japan. And, respond to the price is an that. It's your choice any netscape back to. Standard. Fremont K. style rhetoric. Be Feisty from coalition government. So yeah I, think companies another thing that's happening internationally with governments is a focus on the limits of.

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