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Sober. J either way. We had an structure, how to handle it. I just knew there was no healthy environment where you were handling a gun. Oh, totally. Hell under fifteen. He was just having great while he was showing with these kids are better off. Okay. That's what in the world could have me interested enough in a story about Spanish squash, not the food. But the games squad. Devoted what my. Somebody is hot. Your long on the right path. They're details next. Want to save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets. Then call low cost airlines for prices. So low, we can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen. Coming up on the ace and JJ show. One of our favorite things in the world, is it only takes one snowflake to cave in the roof. It's very deep profound, and we're gonna find out what your snowflakes were, what was your snowflake the caved in your roof. We're going to ask you to put your warm thinking capsule. You people. I don't really even know what squash is. I mean, I know the, the garden variety of squash, and I know how to prepare it. But the game squash is that kind of like racquet ball, a I I don't really know. I just know it's played in a little room like racquet. Yeah. Yeah. Squash from okay? I don't call it a squash room, I think as opposed to the with the smash room mushroom Smith. Mushroom and squash room where lady in leather comes in and does things. Squashing. I don't know. But they had their lady squash championship in Spain. In these ungrateful women who won the tournament the championship are complaining because they don't like the prizes that they want. For example, the woman who won the Chaim ship, she got first place. She received a trophy and. A lady toy. That's the first place winner received a lady toy and Towfighi and she's complaining. Yeah. And then the second third and fourth place finishers got. Foot file thing. You know, one of those show, Dr shoal electric. Okay. But files your heels and stuff and some hair removal things. And they're complaining saying that's sexist. Well, let's be fair to the people that put it on in order to have great prizes like that are great prizes for such an event, you've got to be bringing in some money and nobody's going to watch squash tournament. Nobody goes to watch that unless you're like in China where they tell you everybody's going to the squash tournament today. Choice. Yeah. Wow. So, yeah, the electronic foot file in the in the hair removal wack. He gave her a lady with. And that will that was I pry. She was presented that in front of. Yes. No way the people and then here's what I don't understand. She says, quote, we were very surprised very shocked. We think it's very sexist in quote what? Oh the stick in the mud. That's really shocking that very surprise. No hold in the trophy. Yeah. They're not they're not holding up the trophy and they look so disgusted having to stand there and take that big was it? Sponsored by the that made that lady toy, I don't know. Even if it were. Why would you have them sponsor? Country you take whatever you can get. I always think about at no point anyone male or female, no one stopped and said, hey, this is a little inappropriate, nobody thought of that. They all said ou yet idea. Yeah, that's gonna love. Why women love these things give them what they want you? I mean, let's spoil them that class brother time. What?

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