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For the thing up your right, pending. This is L S AM aid ninety pretty good. Pretty good Jude. Well, done John. How was a Jennifer Keiper alongside six thirty seven. We'll take until seven o'clock. And it's the great one the marklevinshow here on WLS. What are you bringing me? Oh, thank you. Thank you, a long list of corrupt Illinois politicians. Yes. This is this is a stack. We'll have to read all of it again tonight rolled out onto the floor. That's there's a long list of local state and even federal politicians that have gone away for finger painting and weightlifting courtesy of us here in Illinois that brings us to our next guest early in his career. Patrick Collins served for twelve years as an assistant US attorney here in Chicago, including four years as deputy chief of the public corruption section. He's spearheaded the eight year operation. Rhode investigation. You remember that remember the the break? Licenses. There's former secretary of state George Ryan, right? Former US attorney and now he works at Cayenne s he's a partners there. And he led the prosecution in these six month trial and conviction of former Illinois Governor, George Ryan is his watched a lot of it here in our fair city for a long time. We welcome to wwl's Patrick Collins. Patrick, are you surprised are you shocked? Well, look, I it does explain their aggressive actions with the search warrants and as again as someone who's been on both sides of these sorts of actions. I I was frankly, hoping that the government had some significant evidence because I think by doing a search warrants in the way, they did. Certainly impacted Mr. Birks electoral chances, and I wanted to as a citizen I wanted to make sure there was some some bare their if you will. And I think today's today's criminal complaints is that question. Patrick collins. According to the complaint, the FBI won a judge's approval to wiretap alderman Burke, cell phone already recording his causing before the shakedown at the center of the charge began to unfold back in may of seventeen. What does that tell you? Well, look when you're thinking about presenting your case in court, particularly on someone like miss Burke after have evidence, and there's no better evidence than the individual himself incriminating himself and recorded phone conversation. So I mean, whether it's civil case or this number case, the government's best evidence in public corruption cases are the are the words of the alderman himself, and I think recorded conversations provide the government very compelling evidence. Really fortunate to have Patrick Collins here on double DLC surfer twelve years as an assistant US attorney in Chicago four years as deputy chief of public corruption. He was involved in the conviction of former Illinois Governor, George Ryan, remember, what does it tell you, Mr Collins about Chicago? How are we? So why are we so afflicted and burdened by corruption? We seem to be the Petri dish for the entire nation. Well, look if I had an answer that question, I would I would have retired years ago. I, you know, this issue of deterrence with all that's gone before alderman convictions. Governor gubernatorial convictions, you would think that we were in the new age, but what laid out in the criminal complaint. And again, I would want emphasize as as a lawyer in private practice. These are allegations are not proof, but the seems to be the playbook that we've seen time and again that aldermen have important influence. There's fifty city Chicago. They all have a lot of control over their individual wards. And they they have the ability to use that power to benefit themselves personally. And whenever you do that that's a violation of law, and we've seen it, unfortunately time and time again, but guys is shrewd, and I would say as smart as Ed Burke, and Dan Rostenkowski, even even a George Ryan. I mean, how did they get caught up in things like this? I don't I don't understand that hubris. Is it just you get lazy? You get you get to the point where you just wanna make problems go away. And they'll take the shortcut. I don't I don't understand the the mindset of these guys have been in. In the in the business. So long to slip up this family. Very fair question. It's certainly one that I can't answer. Mr Burke, I what is the pricing having read the criminal complaint is you would think that there would be several layers in between Mr Burke and the active.

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