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Moment and thames peace stefan was when paul zaman in nine hundred eighty one proclaims on the air on espn after the packers take rich campbell the quarterback they lied to me i loved that how how could achieve possibly give bad information to a reporter that had never happened before what will happen in the future is the dumbest and also the most fruitful trope in sports media it's like the cheerios of sports coverage you can't live without it because that's what talk radio is created for and at the same time it is useless and the issue beer seems to me is that the mainstream media can't avoid it now the mock draft as you describe has affectively been it's been neutered in terms of its utility because the information is worse than it's ever been because you don't get accurate stuff as much it's not as easy for reporters to get accurate thoughts on what teams are going to do and yet at the same time they have to do you have to do these mock drafts year round now your colleague and i don't mean to pick on your colleague albert breer but his mock draft four which is linked to in your piece talks about what the giants are going to do with the number two pick and he says there are three possible things they might do one take a quarterback to take a non quarterback three trade the pick and the only three things that they could do.

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