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Many times has it happened you drive away. From home turn the corner and then wonder that I suppose the garage door with alarm dot com you always know what's happening. At your home or business I'm Ali one of the founders of alarm dot com, over fifteen years ago we set. Out to create the kind of smart, security system we'd want protecting our families so we developed alarm dot com. To be incredibly reliable and easy to, use it's also backed by. A nationwide network of license security experts who will professionally design. Install and monitor, the right alarm dot, com pirate solution for any home or business wants to know if your garage. Doors. Closed just check the alarm dot com and if you forgot. To close it you can take, care of it with one tap and alarm dot com system can also include smart locks light Thermostats video endure about cameras and more we can. Connect whatever, you need to experience the best smart security solution for your home or business get real protection today visit alarm? Dot com slash music to, find an alarm dot com service provider in your area that's alarmed dot com slash music. A everyone's super excited for Amazon prime day and here's. Our pick for one of the hottest deals up to. Forty percents off a, Blake video home security system we're talking as low as sixty. Nine dollars for a full video security camera system you can sit up yourself in minutes and requires no. Subscriptions blink video cameras are motion activated home security when blink detect someone snooping around your home or yard you get an alert. On your smartphone with an HD video clip of what blink saw and blinks live, feed option let's you actually see. Your home in HD video from wherever, you are like on vacation blink wire free cameras run on batteries it. Last up to two years no, contracts No subscriptions. Plus they work with Alexa take my advice go to Amazon dot com right now. Enter Blake camera in the search box and score up to. Forty percents off your blink home, security system. Act fast to get huge prime day savings on those, amazing blink cameras time five fifteen and now from the WFAN sports desk here is thumbing Larry William Berkeley takes a..

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