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Tak in a fight that he was winning he was actually beating ortega an your caught them in a in a i think in the second round but he's very very good man and he's also young so keeping him as well as we move onto our next headline what is next for at least a top fighters at you two twenty three like we mentioned there is an article our you guys guests on who the next fights will be for these fighters but maybe preview that a little bit we talked a little bit about khabib how connor mcgregor is of course the fight to make but even went so far as to call george saint pierre and george saint peres even responded saying well i think you have some unfinished business before you even think about a fight with me how do you think this will all shake down after this weekend and maybe let's talk about a fight that you definitely think will happen stemming from ufc two twenty three in the next few months you know my thoughts about hub even connor and i would like to see that fight whether or not i fight happens next i think is a real question mark but you know that that's a fight to make a terrific fight it's amazing because we get we get the mainstream push because of all of the you know the promotional material that they've now got dollars going through buses i mean that's promoter's dream but at the end of the day we also get the fight that we should get and his number one facing number two right i mean so many times you and i talk about these things that we like this we have to pick between sport earner taint and in this case we would get both at the highest level.

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