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Urging citizens to prepare for hurricane Florence a category. Four storm blowing at one hundred forty miles an hour expected to hit the Carolina coast before dawn on Friday, the inland flooding the significant rainfall and possibly even dangerous and catastrophic flooding that's going to be more inland for North Carolina and Virginia, and that is actually going to be almost even bigger issue than the catastrophic. Hurricane wind down at ABC news meteorologist Melissa Griffin. One million people ordered off the South Carolina coast, his attorney entered a police of not guilty in federal court in Las Vegas on behalf of Douglas Haig charge of illegal manufacturer of ammunition. Like that used by massacre shooter. Stephen paddock hag has acknowledged selling bullets to paddock. Larry Probst says he'll step down as chair of the US Olympic Committee by the end of the year ending. Decade long tenure during which he restored the federation's international reputation. Richard cantu. ABC news. Five twenty three now on NewsRadio six ten WTVN news first at five Jay Ratliff, our aviation expert and Jay helped me out. What's with all? These Corentin flights coming into our country. Lights head passengers that were experiencing high fever and were. Basically created a medical precaution. Where the flights were temporarily co-ord- team and the CDC boarded the flights made sure that what they were dealing with. And when they determined. It was not anything more than a flu or something along those lines. The flights were able to the plane having three from Europe in two days makes me think that they are looking for something or are concerned about something as far as maybe a specific threat that they've been able to determine that's causing this type of reaction because it's we we have Corentin flights probably five times a year. But to see three flights all from Europe within two days coming into the United States, certainly suggests to me, and I don't know anything beyond pure speculation here that they are on a heightened state of alert for some reason, and we'll continue to watch and see how things are going and what happens to those planes. I mean, you have people with high fever is it just, you know, the quick scrub. And then the next crew comes on. Yeah. That's it. You know, the thing though, is that's the concern is, you know, most of us have been on a flight Rica some idiot behind you to rose back coughing his head off. And then you get sick two weeks later tavist situation where you're gonna flight for like from Dubai, fourteen hours, and you not only contract something, but you start to show symptoms. The speed of that is what really concerns some of the health officials, and that's one of the reasons they want to check it out in any of those cases like on the line had they not been comfortable with their medical diagnosis, basically told that aircraft to leaf bring another flight crew from Emerton off they go. So, but, you know, fortunately for the passengers in rather short order they were able to determine it was not a medical concern. And they allowed the passengers to eventually. Yeah. That's that's good news. Did I hear correctly? One of the Corentin flights have vanilla ice was on it. Yes. He was comfortably seated I believe in first class not affected by the coughing passengers and coach, but provided many timely updates as to what was. Going on. Well, I guess if you're vanilla ice and getting those residual checks first class is a good place to be right. So then there's this other issue. I think it was Qantas. She was called miss instead of doctor and got a little uppity. Oh, she did. We need a scream track here in the background for them using this word. But yeah, it was a cabin crew of Qantas flight that I guess repeatedly referred to this passenger is miss instead of using her title doctor. She she has a doctorate in philosophy and feels as though everyone needs to address is doctor. She said that this is not about ego. It's about being respectful yet in many were tweets Joshi referred to these highly trained flight attendants as trolley dollies. I don't know if you can say that you're looking for respect not willing to give respect. But yeah, she said that she didn't go to university for eight years to be referred to as miss the social reaction and pushback is almost nearly as many against has four her. Right. Most of the four hers. Our fellow academic doctors who feel like, you know, they need to be addressed. And look you don't want to disrespect someone for what they earn. Sure. But you you start calling people doctor, and there's a medical emergency. And guess what they're gonna run to you for help. But you can't help because you're an academic, Dr not a medical doctor. And if the land the flight, anyway, so I don't I just I ran into it at the airport by paging, Mr. and MRs so and so to the ticket counter only to be told by the wife, it's Dr and MRs and that I was way out of line. Well, how are you supposed to know that? I mean your flight attendant on an airline, and you're supposed to know all your pace, all your people. You know, what their station in life is you know, it was honor boarding pass. And that's why she says that you should have read this. Can't you re blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and yeah, she she just it's Dr this Dr that and apparently she likes hers at a lot of conferences. And I think she was quite a bit disrespectful to the flight attendants who were there to save her life in an emergency. But you know, other than that. It's it's gone viral is so many things these days to a I'm sure this. Will be fodder for more of her lecture. So it's probably win win. Attention. Some of these individuals can get.

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