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Capable of it. But just you're going to have to match at intensity for the last twenty minutes. Maybe more if requires extra time Mooney with his fifth double double of the season. Of course. We'll start the second half. It is Oklahoma basketball Callixte driving and his tacit stolen away by Pflueger Pflueger over the midcourt strike. Pflueger I've talked now. Trump's to Irish start the half trailing by seven Gibbs hands. It off to Pflueger up top moody moody, now it goes on over to Pflueger Pflueger bid lane left side. Now, it gets out to Gibbs Gibbs mid lane left side, three point land up. Top mooney. Four three off the front of. No, good rebound Christian James James brings it over the record strike four Oklahoma James between the circles. James store on the dribble looney out hand James top of the key. Jumper a rather imminent. Big opening sequence there as Oklahoma scores. Notre Dame does not forty five thirty six Oklahoma with a nine point lead their largest of the game. Pflueger now in the corner hub drives a baseline reversed himself on the rim. Rebound goes to Oklahoma. Here comes Callixte. Collects the between the circles. Callixte? Top of the key factor. Back hoops to start the hack coach break timeout. He's waving Jacobs over the big court stripe. And now he just calls out of play. Not a Pflueger Pflueger right side. The Harvey forty seven thirty six eleven point Oklahoma lead. I double digit deficit for the hub now for three off the back of the rim. And the rebound has pulled down by James James over the record strike James between the circles, James almost loses. The dribble gets to collect. Now. It comes on out to Matt Freeman history. Pointer is no good rebound. Harvey forty seven thirty six eighteen o five remaining second half play gifts. Now for three Khattak Jacobs. The captain coming up huge there, and it's forty seven thirty nine back comes Callixte prolixity over the record strike. Irish. Trailing by eight now Reynolds with the basketball passing comes into Freeman Freeman out of New Zealand turnaround jump hook. No, good rebound Mooney. How it goes to hub hub kids? Kids driving right side of the lane. Not a hub to Mooney Mooney turnaround following around the rim, and and John Mooney helping the Irish get back in it. It's forty seven forty one. With the basketball now for Oklahoma. Callixte collects after Reynolds Reynolds added James James for three days. No good. The rebound goes to Harvey Harvey. Now, we'll bring it over to the court stripe. Harvey behind his back Auburn out of flu. Pflueger fakes Pflueger, deeper three point land left side. Now Midland left side inside the Arcus Mooney, wheeling it Elaine on. Freeman mooney. Double pumps job look around there. John moody having the one of the best game of his life. He has thirteen and the Irish down to four at forty seven forty three Callixte with the basketball now to James the rain drops into a two three zone Freeman with the basketball to Callixte. He collects DNR gets out to James James four three shot is no good rebound Pflueger over the back is Freeman. I'll tell you what Jack.

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