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Colonized or pressed one of. The first things that's targeted is, is arts and culture in artists works. You've been either destroyed or a commodified, or appropriated and these are the same things that we see within Newseum 's at we see within the realm of what exotic -ceptable within our culture. I want us to continuously strive to create opportunities to speak up against the restrictions or the barriers that have been placed on people of color within arts and culture. My work really out of you look at all the things that I've been doing falls under two, you know, two parts is, it's really just looking at ways to support people of color to increase our visibility to facilitate our employment and get us more entrenched in the creative economy. And also on the other part call out in challenge. Ange and address, you know they barriers and, and, and the, you know, hierarchies and, you know, issues that relate to specifically, you know, racism and lack of opportunity in the field for people of color. And so that's what I'm continuously doing is just working on ways to shift, this field and move it into where we can see much more equity, much more diversity much more Harrity, as well in the field is incredibly important to me. This has been museum or Pelayo. You'll find a full transcript of this episode along with show notes at museum, archipelago dot com. Club, archipelago members get access to bonus podcast feed that sort of like the director's commentary to the main show and fun, extras, like stickers, support the show and join club archipelago today for two dollars at patriot dot com slash museum. Archipelago thanks for listening and next time. Bring a friend.

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