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Chef Jose Andres has a deep respect for Puerto Rican food, but as with so many foods across cultures. There's always the chance that food that people once thought of as low brow will suddenly become cool. The thing to eat. I picked up my conversation with chef on talking about food gentrification. Listen, I drink sometimes when we talk about anti fry I cannot even pronounce it. Okay. But you know, what? I mean, right. We over think it was the best thing to happen. Is that something is no on these known to everybody. Yes, you're going to see that certain things are taking the wrong. The Bronx by people should be putting gel with their pie recipes, many, magazines, I hope they're listening. They put in the cover of their medicines. By is that it looks horror movie on Halloween day going through carnival. And they put it and I'm like really, but I always take the bus site. The name is known the dishes known people understand where it came from. They have more or less than understanding of ingredients. So I do believe at the end always ends being more positive negative, let's pivot here for a minute to talk about the industry that you're in the restaurant industry. A lot has happened in this space in the past couple of years, particularly when we're talking about me too in this era of metoo. There have been colleagues in the industry who've been named as people who are participated in this. Unfortunately, the restaurant business has a reputation for being a lot of things difficult high-pressure all these things does it also have this reputation for just allowing bad behavior to occur. The restaurant industries are very big industry. I would say that will be to me unfair to us. Narrow it only to the restaurant industry because this is a is a social problem. So we should all be here to make sure that every individual is treated with respect. And if you see something you should say, something the great thing has happened. The last couple of years said those women that came forward to speak out or making sure that older woman they feel their support and that the days because they're gonna be finger pointed or shutdown. I think those as hopefully are behind pro lean more has to be on socially starting by home. Parents very important. I starting by school teachers, very important, and then our common behaviour to each other. So I hope.

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