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Four. Good morning and welcome to the program. Last night, the government announced that England was indeed moving to plan B COVID rules, which crudely summarized means don't go to the office, but you can't go to Christmas parties. And speaking of which and following on from our conversation yesterday, we're so many of you got in touch to share your reactions to that leaked video of the prime minister's former spokesperson Allegra Stratton practicing a mock press conference in which her colleagues joked about what her response might be if she was asked about Christmas parties at number ten during lockdown last December do tell me how that will affect your following of these rules. We were only talking about this yesterday and the rules came in last night, or rather were announced last night to come in this Monday. Let me know. But the other development yesterday was a resignation, not of a minister, not of a civil servant, but one Allegra Stratton very tearfully tendering her resignation and offering apologies outside of her London home. Is it significant that the only person to resign so far over the Downing Street parties is a woman, and a woman who didn't even attend them? My first guest today thinks this is another prime example of what she calls the pure sexism at the heart of British politics. But what about you? You can text me here at women's are on 8 four 8 four four texts will be charged your standard message rate on social media were at BBC women's or email list through our website. And I should say we did invite a member of the government onto the program this morning and had no response. Also on today's program was a treat. We have the multi award winning jazz musician Zoe ramen poised at the woman's grand piano. Okay, I'm gonna be honest. We're squatting in radio three studios at the moment..

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