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At CCA all right on Wall Street today pretty good numbers on Wall Street all three indices up today our the Dow did well down one up one percent down one at two hundred and fifty eight points finishing a day the day at twenty six thousand and thirty six S. and P. went up two thirds of a percent went up eight nineteen point when I'm nineteen points to twenty eight eighty eight and the nasdaq went up twenty nine on nasdaq one of thirty point exactly finishing the day and at seventy eight fifty seven all three indices up pretty nice today our yes stories you think would be good I can always use more stories thanks to talk about Richard is Santa Fe dot com even quirky stories even weird stories no story that Thom Hartmann talks about every once in awhile is the industry that is growing around surveillance and not necessarily you know go to London and you know every thirty feet in London there's another camera they're all wired in and you're always on camera go to Vegas same thing but not that kind of surveillance our own home surveillance you know you see the ring doorbells in fact I was at the dentist this morning early my god early and laying there in the dentist chair looking up at the ceiling and there's a TV screen and it went on for ever it was said to I think like in a world TV I don't know why don't ask me but I didn't want to say about like can you change the channel so I went from it went from like eight I hope twenty minute infomercial about ringing doorbells warning on about all the all the crime you could avoid in all the safety provide for the little kiddies and all then how could you not if you're good parent how could you not right what every good parent a ring is owned by Amazon Amazon bot ring for eight hundred million dollars last year so you take one ring doorbells no big right what's the harm who cares.

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