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Seatac to more than two hundred destinations around the globe book Air Canada dot com whether they're in sons of the Kamel forecast center not a bad afternoon around western Washington or to see if you some breaks out there under partly to mostly cloudy skies slight chance of a sprinkle highs today mid seventies in most places over the next couple days we're gonna keep some some breaks in there only a slight chance of a shower temperatures mid seventies we go partly sunny on Friday Saturday and Sunday mix of sun breaks and few clouds only a little bit of a shower chance others who we can look good mid upper seventies can come with us and there's on companies have a little bit of light rain is moved across the Olympia and allow asked our so in downtown Seattle mostly sunny anger at Seattle center in words seventy two degrees come on news time thrill six as we've been reporting today a man has been arrested in that ten year old cold case out of Thurston county in today we're learning more about the suspect in what might have led up to that murder let's go right to the update us for the latest and here's como's Jeff bushel job well Nancy Moyer disappeared from her tonight no home in two thousand nine her body was never found she is presumed dead for a decade police had no leads but thanks to a tip and the case being profiled on a popular podcast as well as several television programs a man was arrested in Wednesday on Wednesday out of Rochester share of Jon snow as a says the suspect in more air were one time co workers and he lived just three houses down the look suspects first court appearance is expected to come up here in the Thurston county Superior Court in just a few moments we'll have the details from that just as soon as we get the minutes were getting more court documents being revealed today.

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