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The live video feed. It's the Joe. PAGS, show. Glad to have you here on your Monday. Oh yes. MOTOWN Monday. How's going? Pretty good. How are you? Did you did you not? Fishman? I did. What Oh. Thank you. Mr Zoo Paulo goes. Just kidding. Why be eventful, not eventful week. Very odd week for me to be. You know we don't like to not working. No. Baseball speculation on. Speculation on social media that I was suspended for my show. Why Now? Why is that thing? I've taken exactly two weeks off this year. Baseball. I get four weeks off your with peg. I've taken weeks off with pay this year. To help out those during the coronavirus. Keep, their jobs do money in the company. I have taken a couple of weeks off but. Bypassed, the pay. That it'd be as much as I make care the probably one hundred jobs. Lease. Roles actually agreed with the US. All. Right. So there you go. Glad to be back, I was hankering to go last week. But. I tried to tell a little bit. Sang a lot during the break. I'm working on my singing voice and it's not because I think my singing voice. Bad. But because I. CAn't sing very high because of how deep my voices and learning about in into the woods here of the weeds. But learning about something called mix voice that I never heard of before. The Mitch voice carrier, good singers, you are. You probably have heard of mix voice. I have not snow you. Your boy Bon. Jovi. Let me tell you this and this is not to criticize simmer cut him down. He doesn't sing in full voice, all those high notes, singing something called a mix or mixed voice between head voice and chest voice again, not to get into the weeds, it's just it is a weighty senior higher register like I. If I do that, it sounds like Mickey Mouse. How Mickey? Mouse. It sounds like. And it's annoying. Be. Honest. but there are guys that can sing in that range into instead of seeing what sounds like falsetto you can sing in a stronger more of a chest voice and Bon Jovi. Does that the GUY ACDC? Does that Steve Dirty did that I mean all the Steve Journey's Steve, Perry from journey. Did that. So yeah, but he's known as Steve Journey around the world. Let's be honest. I'm pretty sure a lot of people think of him Steve Journey, yeah? Sure. Given name, but because the grid is The name isn't that was uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable to call him Steve Journey with journey. So he changed it to something different. Now, the options were either changed the band's name to Perry. Changes, last name journey or to Perry that. NOPE, either way but but it's a very, it's a very new and exciting thing because at my advanced age, which is pretty advanced numb. To be able to extend the range and to do something like that. Now challenge to me, and if you know nothing else about me. I like a good challenge, tell me and watch me do it. So I've been working on that. So I, I had no voice at all yesterday because I've been singing so much this week like five hours a day of me singing. And all this. Well were you locked inside a? Family around. Ear Not. Me Why. That's really annoying. So I got an email from a guy, the other day who said, I prefer the weekend show. Because you don't do all that Chitchat. About US specifically all that Chitchat, and he literally said this line that tell me if he even listening to the right show. He says, he says. None of us out here, none of us. First of all, he's talking for everybody who listens, of course, none of us want to hear about what dinner party you went to the other night. Dinner Party. Let me ask you something. Even know me what fifteen years? Yes. You don't go to dinner parties gone two. Years. How many dinner parties have we talked about on this program? Zero. Taty over at this house, the other night. At the dinner. Dude. Hell was that all about party now know that literally did not happen but but I wrote him back and I always love this when somebody writes me to be critical in horrible and mean and whatever all right back. They'll say well, that's the way we all feel out here but thanks a lot for writing back. Now. He wants to be nice. Does that wasn't nice and my response I was like, well, you're in the vast minority and everybody else likes that we don't just do hard news and punch in the face of politics all day. So Yeah. Well, I read and we all believe this. Love for taking the time. Makes a lot of being that guy. So I. Appreciate Simon Mike. Flynn last week, that was cool to vima understand. The shows went very well, and I. This is my routine in the morning, get up in the morning. Shower. Shave do dude you got to get done in the morning And I. In usually go to my.

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