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I think that those four guys they know they can trust each other to keep their mouth shut because nothing is leaked out of this regime that they didn't want leaked out in four plus years that they've been together so i would bet those four guys no but i would also bet the only those four guys no i would doubt they like d'amico ryan's defensive coordinator knows you know. I i don't think the rest a coaching staff knows. I don't think scouts. No they are perfectly not telling anybody anything i would imagine. That's the case in. It has worked well so far for this regime. You know people keep telling me people are texting me. Hey what are you hearing. what are you like. I have sources but people are texts. They may in there. Like i don't know i'm i'm worried. It's going to be mack jones. How are all these guys wrong. Shefty in more and all that stuff. My response to them was pretty obvious. Like where were morton shefty. And chris simms when the niners traded for jimmy garoppolo or traded for trent williams or traded to force buckner or pick brandon or picture von like any other moves the forty niners have made. Nobody's been able to predict so. I'm not worried that the insiders now you know don't know what's going on because they haven't in the past. There's going to be a lot of people that look really stupid when this draft pick is made and they're going to be in defense mode of while. no. I said i was hearing that. Yeah from somebody who's not connected. Oh i i had my son tell me so that i could say i heard it. And then there's going to be the people who ended up being right but let's not give them credit because we know damn well. They weren't told they were not told. They took guess they got a one in three chance of being correct. Like it's just stupid to me that people are seeing this and then going. Ooh that means that they're actually taking that. No they don't hear anything from anybody. Credible they're hearing it from people that don't know anything. I'm not hearing anything from anybody. I'm just trying to look at the facts of the situation. What they have said what they have done. And how that applies to the future and make my best guess. And that's why i think it's just in fields. Because they made the move up to number three. They said that they were discussing. You know four or five other pick. They went all the way up to three. Because i think they knew what the jets were doing it to. They went to three because they want the guy that has elite skills and to me. That's just in fields. shannon is talked about. He doesn't have a type about how you know. His views on quarterbacks have changed since he's become a head coach. When i put everything into the bucket and i just look at. What's going on to me. Everything points to justin fields. But that's not because. I'm hearing anything from anybody. That's just my assessment of the situation right in in this one assessment. I have of the situation. Look this is a team that is drafted people that they purposely never scheduled a workout with In years they could schedule workouts just so that nobody would know that's who they're targeting if they traded up because they knew absolutely matt jones was the guy that they wanted because so far what we've seen since they traded up isn't very good for mac because didn't have a very good day. He has not hire john. Belk which screams alarms to me. So if they did know that that's who they wanted because he's done nothing to win it. Then i don't see how shannon attending that day because he wouldn't want to give that signal out he would just stay away from that pro day but instead he made a big deal of attending that pro day and everybody knows including him that he doesn't attend very much for draft and because he prefers to just stay at home and keep researching and doing all that stuff because he doesn't get much out of going to the protas. The protas are a lot more about the gm's chitchatting with each other and laying the groundwork for draft deals or other trades. That are the could happen so to me that signals. If they knew that matt jones was the guy when they traded up. Why would kyle shanahan be at that product. And if he wasn't the guy when they traded up. What is matt jones done to earn it over the other guys nothing. Yeah and you're right the point about back to. He's now working with john. Belk john back. He's clearly shanahan's guy. He has said so publicly on the record that they are friends that they talk frequenly. He's worked with every quarterback at the forty niners hat on their roster last season. While i guess not just johnson. But he's worked with garoppolo and molins and Cj beathard he knows the system intimately and all of a sudden about three weeks ago which is pretty much when the forty niners made the trade. The number three trae. Lance started working with john back so to me that shows that the forty niners were debating between those two guys and not mack. Jones like that is a massive massive indicator to me. The forty niners. You know sometimes. Play coy with stuff. But this is something that you can't really hide. You're either working with with john back or you're not and mack. Jones is an to me that means. He is not in consideration. I don't care what the betting odds say and yet also got a mention. Zack wilson. I think zack. Wilson is an option. I don't know if we would be over. Justin field to trae lines. I don't know where they rank those three. But zac wilson also works with john belk now. That one's longer kind of like justin fields where they kind of purposely sought out john beck and hired him not because the niners said saw the time. The niners didn't have the third pick in trae. Lance is the one that yeah it's pretty clear. He hired john back just to try to be the number three. Pick but zac. Wilson also works with john beck so i would think he's in the running for number three. It's just almost definitely not going to be the case. Where he's there at number three. I cannot wait. We are a week away. I i want all the speculation. I enjoy the speculation and talking about it. But i just want to pick to be made because i think i'm going to be right and i just want whoever it is. I want to be able to focus on the future on. Okay we've got our guy. What does he do. Well what does he not do. Well what will he do better here. You know how. Can i envision him interacting with the rest of the offense like i just wanna be able to pencil in that guy. I want to be able to draft that guy madden and i'm ready like let's get to it. I'm ready. did you see the thing tweeted really early this morning. About espn's draft kit thing that according to espn. There was something like a ninety eight percent chance that justin feels it was going to be available like eighth overall. Something crazy like that so it was this thing that you basically you say. Are you picking in the top in the first half of the draft or the second half. Okay first-half are what position. Are you looking for quarterback. What type of quarterback are you want him..

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