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Attest improve the action times by over twenty percent. That's amazing. Yes. And it's so simple. Instill many Americans really hydrated. It was a report from the centers for disease control information, showing that at least ten percent of Americans before drinking zeal order on a day-to-day like none. And we think distracted driving is an issue slow reaction times due to hydration. Then you go the so what is your solution? If you're drinking filtered water in order to have sufficient electrolytes was something natural ambig- supported food versus. They find any comfortable lab. Have none of the presidency of the nurturance to council foods. So for me, I drink Alabama ges everyone in my daughter does too. Just green has that way of doing it for. Think she Feeney's and for me try drinking for light one days. And we would it. But like, I don't drink coffee. Even though I'm Italian for they drink that in the morning, and I'm. And so what do you suggest for nutrition for kids? So you you reference something interesting, which is we don't need such rated fats, and adulthood because we get all the saturated fats need from birth up till teenager hood, and we don't need anymore cholesterol than our brain makes at birth. So obviously what you'd feed a child might be different than what you'd suggest for an adult. So what can you tell us about the developing brain and the importance of nutrition and maybe some of the differences nutrition disappointed? When thing I want to clarify that even as adults, we do cholesterol inside today. The fats other parts of the brain Devon utterly use. It just Reconceptualise in those foods course, something else than the registers just saying good clarification is that what you've known as different of children do need saturated fats, especially the brains are developing a neural of forming because such the impressed really provide his tractor of the nude on us. Decide where the mega scream I get six point today. But I am more for membrane sui detained. So they really live plus tesitfy but as the stronger fair to buy scuffle. Though cholesterol, the brain gator that on its own it just doesn't come into diet ever saturated stock instead it's getting four-tenths of the MIDA order. I make sure that she has access to really good quality animal foods, she loves cheese, the mature that get great college cheese. Like, I believe in organic food alarm, especially for women because many chemicals jolly in processed foods actually last the act like estrogen Sunday body, but United way the mess of estrogens in a way that's being associated with ready early puberty in girls and with men booze. But also with increasing rates of cancers in women, especially breast cancer in estrogen dependent, Kansas. So I'm really I'm am being on the ver- that safer is better. And so I go again much as I can obviously unaware that is is more expensive. But I think is especially with kids. So vine grad set piece when sheets bees or fever, and she can give chicken eggs Prestat, man. Seek cream bother my fits since delicious. She actually super healthy sheets. Lug fish read, a lot of fish here in part because talion in part because fish, it's really did Bess natural source of very specific type of mega spring called the chain. Which is actually the Nain drain set is the most environment fat brain than is to be replenish, all the time and fish is really the only source pretty much the most abundant source though. If you eat a lot of plant based foods, you get access to a different kind of negative week or away underlying leg. That can be converted into the HA. But about stemming the present is loss in the transition or in the conversion so rigid hands vegans, if people who don't like fish dot fish, really need to. The AMA to make sure that their brain have enough VHA going back to my child sheets a lettuce issues. So let's talk a little bit more about that..

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