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Rachel was talking about this earlier on our air tonight phil rucker talked about earlier are also trump instruction wants this fight everything about this right now so far they have enjoyed they like the liberal outrage they like the mainstream outrage they like this is a fight that they are courting and we've seen reporting about it the new york times and elsewhere this is an issue that trump wants to run on this is an issue that i think he's wrong about the politics and i'll say why in a second but they are enjoying this this is not a moment of tension in the white house is not a moment of on ease does not conflict not a more the presence sitting around i think in a state of found ambivalence about what's going on these are the politics that he wants right now i think that the pictures were about to see when those the pictures they've already been devastating for the administration i think when we see these tender age shelters as they're calling them babies in toddlers in in similar kinds of silla we've seen already the pictures they have been explicitly hiding from us for days those pictures are going to be horrible you're right that republicans did not confront him in that meeting but we're now seeing republican senators sending the president letters and putting this on his doorstep we're now seeing republican governors saying they will not send or pulling back national guard from the border and finally i think that we saw stephen miller today in the new york times saying this is a ninety ten issue for the president if you define this as secure borders versus insecure borders and open borders it's a ninety ten issue the presence on the right side the way this issue is unfolding is not like that right now it's not close to a ninety ten issue because this is not a discussion about secure borders anymore this is this question about about child abuse and the foot the combination of the photographs and the fact that his party is for the first time i believe really starting in kind of a significant way to turn against him maybe not as loudly as we would like them in some cases or to his face but at least we're seeing republican senators and governors said a second ago the trump the amen chorus that the party has become for him is really nervous about this right now and i think that what we're what they are going to discover is that this is not a ninety ten issue for them at all in fact that they are on the wrong side of this issue politically and they are miss playing this horribly in addition to being grotesque in the kind of morals and decency department phil rucker hundred eight degrees in texas the safter noon you just saw the perhaps the pictures of the tents that have been airing all evening what some have tried to dub already trump villes in the in the under the banner of the hoover villes of different era in our country but this is among the places where children are being housed we hasten to add that government is rushing to point out that they have enormous air conditioning units to feeding fresh air to all of those tents but that's their existence phil i'm gonna ask you to prognosticate a little bit and that is where are we heading and why are we hearing talk of a government shutdown of all things in september of this year perhaps well to speak to the government shutdown threat that's threat that president trump has made repeatedly and is making now privately that if he does not get the funding that.

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