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That throw from all kinds of different angles. The mirrors finished out the day with two seniors outfielder Keegan McGovern from Georgia and infielder. Matt Sanders from Troy Sanders can really run in feel those likely more of a second base option. Anything else is all five seven hundred seventy five pounds. But generates good bad speed is going to need time the competition level at Troyes and great, but conceivably long terms tenth round pick. Matt Sanders could conceivably work as way into a part time role to be legal. I don't want to completely cut off the opportunity for tenth round pick because we've seen twenty and thirty and forty and sixty second round. Actually turned into something. But he's got a few tools, and he's got really good feet. So really good back control. So we'll see how that plays the pro level his first year to we'll have a really good idea. What Matt Sanders may be able to do all the way through AA AAA an even into the big leagues after he hits Clinton and faces some of that pitching. So whether that's you know, later this year, probably not or next year. Most likely will find out. Overall. I was disappointed. The club wasn't able to find a way to take a stab in and upside plan a prep arm, but that wasn't due to a lack of effort the opportunity. Just wasn't there. The top prep players on the board all day were three to five million dollar bonus players who will now head to college. Instead, they had no interest in signing if they weren't getting at least three million heard much as five million on Kamara ker. So with Gilbert being a slaughter even slightly higher than slot. Some were just under four million dollar slots just under three point nine for the number fourteen picked at least three point six million dollars for the club to sign the rest of their picks from the first two days. So if you select a four million dollar player after that in dangle, basically the rest of your bonus pool more than the rest of your bonus pool. Not only can you not sign your other eight picks without severe penalties. But you're still stuck in a situation where you hope he signed you don't know he's gonna sign. There's no guarantees. And I don't think even rocker or Wilcox are the kinds of talents that come with a high enough ceiling or probability to take that kind of risk. Which is why Seattle nor any other team in the league took that plunge. You notice those guys didn't come off the board at any point. So the mayors have thirty more picks to make on day three really quickly. Will skip the today. Three really quick just for a minute or two. There's really what I used to do before. I got into the business at all. I used to listen to the draft. And there were two reasons why listen to three reason why this one is baseball junkie too. I love to listen to Tommy Lasorda make the dodgers picks. I can tell you that story. If I haven't told it already at some point somebody asked me that if you're interested in that. But Tommy Lasorda, Jim. So and three because I was always hoping that one of these players that were considered for second third round picks that didn't sign would get picked round seventeen twenty seven thirty three. I mean, it just doesn't happen. And when they do it's a relationship thing. Not a we might actually get him signed thing. Especially now with the bonus pools, they can't offer twenty seventh round pick for million dollars. It's not allowed their limited to one hundred grand. They don't count against bonus pool. But you're limited one hundred grand. So what you're looking for on day three here..

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