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Being like man. I disagree with everything this person is saying. I do want to hear it. 'cause i i'm in fear constantly that i am living in a bubble and that sometimes my thoughts can get stale. I'm not hearing others perspectives But i i would never like listen to something that i know. I dislike just to pay listen to it. Yeah i would never do that. See now that's the thing. So that's why. I like when i'm listening to somebody and i think that is why and i could be off the mark on this one of the. Here's a recent social media phenomenon. A recent social media phenomenon. I would say it's gone over the last few months bill. Maher bill maher has gotten a lot of praise from conservatives as of late because he's saying things that are essentially say their anti liberal but they are anti talking points of liberals at this particular moment at least her stereotypical talking points of liberals at this particular moment. And i think people find it refreshing. That he's going. you know it just rely standpoint. this is fucking dumb on. Why are we doing this or this makes no sense. This is irresponsible this hurting people. This whatever the case might be and people. I it's like i'm not gonna like even if tucker carlson rachel maddow said something dago. Holy shit. that's a really good point. In the back of my mind or really at the forefront of my mind. I would go. Yeah i mean he's probably he's probably just making something up or taking some kind of liberty with the fact to try to drive the point home. You see what i'm saying. That's the difference. That's the difference. If i give a conservative take or if i give a liberal take. I think people know like me hate me. Whatever that i truly think it and it's kind of coming from more of a judicious perspective that okay. Fine you fucking eight doesn't match up with what you think i am but this is what i think. And here's my reasoning and to me that's got value now. Maybe if i'm sitting at seventy and the guy who was an actor you know thirty years earlier. Is you know sitting at his home. In you know palm springs in the winter. And i'm you know you know burning through my 401k Maybe i'll be like. Oh i should have you know i should have been a clown and danced everybody. Yeah but i to me right now. It's a no brainer. I don't know maybe it's irresponsible to like my family is going to be this way. I can go make shit load of money..

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