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And making her debut on our panel. It's the host of this scam. Got his podcast on here. Wolf in a commentator and ABC is the con. Say hello to Lacey Mosley. Oh, Natalia. Welcome to the show. You're going to play Who's Bill This time? Bill Kurtis is going to read you three quotations from this week's news. If you can correctly identify or explain just two of them, you will win our prize. Any voice from our show you might choose on your voicemail. You ready to play? Yeah. Alright In Italian. Your first quote. Is a tech CEO, describing his management technique. I constantly remind our employees to be afraid to wake up every morning. Terrified. Well, that philosophy worked out well for him. He was stepping down from being CEO of his company. He is the world's richest person. Who is it? Just days. Oh, yes. Jeff Bay. Zoe's Jeff Beijing's is stepping down as Amazon CEO. He will now be executive chair, which, coincidentally, is the last thing I ordered from Amazon. He apparently was feeling, you know, restless and bored. Sometimes it feels like there just aren't any industries left to undermine. What does he want him to be afraid of? Not making him enough money that's like no. He actually wrote that in a letter to his board back in, like 1998, when he was just starting out when he was just destroying bookstores, as opposed to the entire retail sector. And apparently, what he meant was he didn't want them to get complacent, right? He didn't want them to this rest on their laurels. Sure, I feel like a man he didn't wanted. He wanted them to count how long it took them to use the bathroom because somebody's watching dead agents watching. I have such doubts about this step down. This is like when Putin wasn't president anymore and write other guy Dmitry Medvedev was president and food was like I'll just sit over here. You could do it. I'm not. I won't be secretly writing everything. Also, it feels like a setup. So now whoever does all the evil stuff basis won't be in the news anymore, will be his face. It'll be whoever his fall guy is, well, his fall guy His name is is Andy Jassy, and I hate just sounds like a fabulous Broadway choreographer. Doesn't It's Andy Jassy. Everybody give me some more to do things. Jessie has gonna be jazzy hands. That's what he's gonna say. I want all my employees to be constantly thinking about Jesse. Do you know how much he's worth? He is worth somewhere in the neighborhood. Of $110 billion last I looked, but I thought it was 1 95. I mean, it could have easily gone up 85 billion times. We've been talking E. No, I can't. I can't count. I mean, I got on Tic Tac and someone did it with rice. And I was like, Oh, that's of Rice. He has a pile of rice. All right. Here is your next quote. It's from someone coming back to their job after a long furlough. Was rusty. That person was one of many in their industry, saying they forgot little things like where the windshield wipers are and how to land. What's the job? Pilot? Yes. Pilots, a new report says Airline pilots are reporting a lot of mishaps and flying errors due to rusty nous. From covert 19 furloughs They haven't been doing in so long. They've forgotten how It is so nice, though, to have something to worry about flying other than catching coronavirus on the plane. Recent flight records indicate that pilots have made mistakes like forgetting to release the parking brake or not activating anti icing systems. So far, it's been all pretty minor stuff, but you should definitely worry if you're on the flight, and the pilot comes out and asks, Is there a pilot on this plan? E hope? Flight attendants Having gotten rusty, though, at you know, making you feel guilty, asking for, you know a refill when they feel like half your cup up with soda, and the other half is bubbles or Asking for another bag of pretzels. I hope the perfect lot of them were hopefully being rude in their spare time. Yeah, they've been practicing their scorn at home. I don't know. We could say we got rusty of things. If I get pulled over, I'm using them like I'm so sorry, Officer. My speed skills got rusty. I was going 80 in a school zone. Oh, sorry. I forgot you were supposed to run over people. It's been so long. Natalia. Here is your last quote. Do that work. Apologize to no one That was the New York Times encouraging people to just give in. And do what? When they get sleepy at work, take a nap. Yeah, take a nap. Napping is good for your turns out. He knows five minute micro naps actually help your mental acuity. Try one. The next time you're driving isn't zoom business.

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