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Okay. Tells you I fight. But it was a long time ago. The referee when the. Poked in the stop the fighting the cigarette third around it was What what are you? goes? Are. You can't see. Now if writer supposed to say, you don't technically they stop ref. He seemed Irvy's and I knew the jersey guy. And he he said he can't say he was like almost like that's what it says the book where an experienced wrath. This is what they do. Okay. Let me call on the dot. So they give you a few minutes to come in Dhaka looks at it. Now, this guy the fighter time eight. Eight oh, you're not even supposed to have up to five minutes. That's only for a groin shot. Getting sometimes you blurry for a little bit. You just need your whatever. Like the the fluids to get in there and to get back, and sometimes it really stinks. So. Yeah. As soon as I poked, I couldn't see and. Yeah. Opted? Come on, man. They don't stop. And you lost that fight. The PK. Oh 'cause they had. TKO the rules are different our stop your. They changed the rule that the doctor has to come in. Now. No matter they don't really ask you for visual confirmation. I mean, if it's an injury that you suffer from an illegal move. How come they cost you the fight? Well, just yeah. Yeah. I mean, it wasn't. She got. But it's the same idea that was about as. They said it wasn't like he didn't intentionally poked me in the eye intentionally. Poked me then. Yeah. I I would want to. But it's still you could still lose a point from poking somebody in the I I guess they determine if it's intentional or if you keep doing it, and some civic could accidental I poke, and you can't continue you lose. It's not a no contest. If it's on intentional if he determined that. I can't jammed him in the eye. That's fucking ridiculous that should be a no contents. How can that be a fucking laws that should be a no contact my first fight and the if she to kinda send us he went on a road where you won like five in around. I went on like winning one losing one winning one losing it kinda sucked. It was. Shit way to stop. But you play by. I've seen. Always p do a take down to just. Work on the choke. Yeah. Pollute. Well, it's the flu. But. Prune out because he does. You what show that? But this is good at some chokes a back to that thing though that I thought the club about the ref stop. And usually they tell you you have to move. Yeah. And maybe if they're not moving that's why you stopped. I don't know. I don't think thumbs up necessarily it's hard for these guys or to hear anything in there or to show them where your hands are anything like that. So I'm thinking if they tell them to to move and he's not moving. Maybe that's why they stopped it. I don't I'm doing every. Raff was good. He had a good explanation Ray of doing everything in me to stop doing. I don't wanna sing that song. Sunflower with spider verse. Did you see the spider verse? I'm show. You're a movie guy Kim, I is Andrea feely. My only friend She is. is becoming best friends. Awesome. You might meet talking to Andre. There's a new thing at AMC theaters. It's twenty dollars a month. And you get to see three three movie. Don't do it for AMC is using their own tickets 'cause movie pass just fucked up so badly. They were a mess changed the AMC AMC movie. So that actually may actually worked because AMC's controlling how many okay that might be. Okay. Fuck you guys are talking about a movie past three movies mind for twenty bucks. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. No matter could be the ninety premiers anything. They don't have certain movie time you go. Whenever you want. Go every Tuesday at the class. Yeah. Moving today. We'll do this you for twenty bucks, you'll go and you'll get the movie you just go online and order. And then when it comes to payment, you leave your get a free. It's like you get three free ones or whatever..

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