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In capitalism the form of social organization of the colonizer the instruments that africans could use to free themselves so that the essence of nation building was expressing forms precisely paralleling those of european society businesses churches black cross etc cetera. Guidance garvey's predilection for western. Tyler's nobility the duke of nigeria and full dress european quote uniforms with but a symptom of this while this made the concept of independent african. Nationhood instantly understandable. It was also contradiction in a blind alley. Millions of africans responded to the colo gavi the united negro improvement association the a reddish newspaper the negro world but stuck in his african business ventures came out to his meetings rallies in one thousand nine hundred twenty. Some fifty thousand africans marched in a mass. You and i are rally in harlem. Garvey claimed four point five million members of the way. His critics charged that an examination of the un is public financial reports. Reveal that the gavi movement only had ninety thousand members of whom only twenty thousand paid up at the time and dues. The i was so overwhelming that his critics could try to bid by saying that it had only ninety thousand members. Do you is international. Effect was very profound. Could mckay reminds us that in the interior of west africa. New legends arose of an african who had been lost in america but would return to save his people. Other nigerian coast. Africans would like great bonfires sleeping on. The beach is waiting to guide in ships of most garvey coming crew of ghana and hokey minh of vietnam. Both said that gov had been an important inspiration for them. Clements could eilly. Who's two hundred and fifty thousand member industrial and commercial workers union. I see you was the first african working class political organization in his so that he had been much influenced by the un. I am british kenya. The separatist kikuyu christians boy ministers from the us to train an ordained their own first ministers and it was from these congregations that much of the kenya land and freedom army called mao by the british would come generation later the coffee movement. In crewman's words..

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