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Nearest vaccination location near you. You're listening to WTO news 9 23 now an update on a big push to lower gun violence in our area. All high schools in Montgomery county will hold anti violence assembly soon, and the county executive says he is fully behind the move that he calls important. Understanding why young people would choose to get and use firearms is critical to dealing with gun violence. That's how Montgomery county executive Mark L rich sees it. I don't think we understand fully why children are making choices to go down that path. Montgomery county school superintendent monifa mcknight notified parents in the letter this week that police and representatives from the state's attorney's office will hold presentations on the consequences of gun violence at schools during elric's weekly briefing. He also said once again, he'll be interviewing a candidate for health officer Montgomery county has had an acting health officer ever since doctor Travis gales stepped down from the post one year ago. Kate Ryan, WTO P news, a female swimmer is suing the university of Maryland Baltimore county tonight. She says the school repeatedly failed to protect her after she reported an abusive relationship with a male teammate. The Baltimore sun reports the lawsuit comes two months after an internal investigation confirmed reports of sexual harassment and gender based discrimination by the school's former head swim coach, the suit filed in Baltimore federal court, accuses UMBC of trying to downplay the female swimmers suffering because they hoped to avoid a scandal involving dating violence among swimmers, longtime UMBC swim coach Chad craddock is central to her complaint, he died by suicide early last year, a school spokesperson has not responded so far to a request for comment. A group of parents sued Washington Hebrew congregation in northwest D.C. in 2019, saying 14 toddlers were sexually abused by a preschool teacher. Now the reform synagogue says the parents don't have the right to sue. Here's WTO's Neil augenstein. Washington Hebrew congregation says the parents who are alleging sex abuse gave up their right to sue when they signed waivers enrolling their children in the preschool in a pretrial motion, the temple says the waiver specifies the parents won't Sue for any personal injury they are their child sustains while participating in the temple programs. The parents say sexual abuses not a school activity and that not a single parent who signed release contemplated it would cover injuries from their children being sexually abused by a trusted employee. The civil suit goes to trial in March of next year. Neil law can stay in. 9 25 time for money news with Jeff claw. Without finished Wednesday up a modest 30 points, wholesale prices fell for the second month in a row in August, but were still up 8.7% from a year ago. Starbucks will invest $450 million on store renovations in 2000 new U.S. stores, many drive-through only. The Chrysler 300. Resurrected by Chrysler in 2005 will have its last production in 2023 with a special edition V8 Hemi engine. Jeff clayville, WTO news. And checking Tokyo stocks they are up a fraction at this hour, coming up after traffic and weather, The White House is working to broker a deal and keep some 60,000 freight train engineers on the job and avert a rail strike as soon as Friday. An update ahead, it's 9 26. I

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