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And again, it's it's part of that, and it may not necessarily stem from from Chad Kelly. But you think about the issue that kind of cropped up here. So whatever whatever kind of comes out of that. It'll be interesting to see I did want to ask you, and again, this has evolved within the NFL and on the sidelines. There's actually specific doctors. Now that are watching four concussions, and I'm curious we're eight weeks into this season here. But here over the last couple of seasons. How do you think? That's all do you think that that's actually worked in the NFL? It is working. Yeah. It's certainly better than it ever was because the first year they tried it out. They had an independent neural consultant neurosurgeon or neurologist comes is independent doesn't work for the Broncos works for three is there to be the independent assessor of someone's head injury. If someone is identified is that. Then they gotta be taken off the field for an off the field evaluation. Now, they realize what that leaves or what the team dogs are busy. So now they have that. I the Scots additional neuro specialist who's up way up in the press box is they're looking as a secondary. But the advantages at the pro level when those neural specialists, those physicians go off to deal than are testing objective criteria. More scientifically valid ways of identifying to someone truly have are we looking at someone who's got some kind of head injury right now. So they've got their objective testing that they go through both the one minute Mark five minute Mark where you're putting into the battery of battlements vision. I recall memory. Then they put him to test, and if you're clear declared, or if you're not that guy has absolute control, then of course, as always the NFL has an interest because they wanted seeking player welfare. But it's also because they're trying to keep their bus out of the fire because they know they don't really up separate. Now. They're going to get sued later on for a lotta guys with chronic encephalopathy, this traumatic brain injury. Yeah. Boy, absolutely, doc, always great information, man. I love to you. I look forward to talking to you next week. Hopefully, not as many injuries, we've been wing talk about some other things. Broncos. There you go. Thanks, doc. That's David Snyder. He is with Ortho Colorado, Colorado only orthopedic hospital, a part of Centura health conversations. And I just thought and it's interesting. Nico. I believe is how we pronounce the same. He has been added to the practice squad. He's a center for the Broncos and that kind of commitment, obviously, all the other news is going, you know that but he did not participate. He actually has a concussion and they picked him up. And he had it. They knew that he had a concussion so they brought a guy in who actually is dealing with a concussion and now, of course, once he's cleared. He'll be able to hop on. I just thought that was interesting the Broncos new at and it was actually mentioned by coach Vance Joseph a here today. Hey, we do want to remind you a lot of different ways. You can listen to us.

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