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In Congress there is a committee called the house climate crisis committee. and there's a a house foreign affairs subcommittee. and Greta Thunberg. this young woman sixteen years old. came before Congress to say. my generation has been committed to a planet that is collapsing. you find activism should not have to exist. and my friends here's the shocker. her testimony came shortly after the trump administration announced. it would move to revoke as we've been discussing California's ability to require stricter auto emissions standards. the pollution generated by automobiles is known to be a significant contributor to the planet's warning. I went to school essentials I lived in the San Gabriel Valley and I used to go to class in a white shirt. by the time I came back to the dorm in the afternoon. Gerald Murphy hall when I came back in the afternoon. my shirt was filthy. I want you to tell me. don't you think we should be more active. don't you think we should have an administration that admits there's a problem. don't you think that students walking out. that it's legitimate did you know that a Washington post Kaiser family foundation poll. found that a majority of American teens teenagers. believe climate change is real. and fear that it will have a negative impact on their future. and about one four. I've taken some sort of action. including attending a walk out protest thing or contacting their lawmakers. I believe climate change is a serious problem. I believe the fact that this is the warmest year on record tells us something. I believe that when I look at what's happening in Greenland. M..

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