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Who's by the way, stone assistant like seventy and Eric Mangini called them on their headphones. Go do I have the score. Right. That not an indictment of Andy Reid. Well, he had a quarterback pulling the piano to get scrimmage that quarterback was occasionally offering. A lot in that whole on everybody. Now, listen, I got a reset here for a second. Because I need some people that are rooting against Andy Reid. I've been saying it wrong. That's right. Been losing it. I've been saying I you rooting against. Are you rooting for Bill Belichick? That's not the approach. Okay. Are you rooting against Andy Reid on Sunday? 'cause you would like to see him remain without a single Super Bowl championship. That's what I want some calls on before the end of the show that one I can win out. Now, I can't win that. I don't think you quite leaving ballot. Check out of it. But it does you can't see Gary just call them a schmuck is only so much. I can do it back. There's nobody that likes them up there. They don't like them, but he wins. I mean, look look at that lane Johnson, quote, which is why he wins have funds. No fun win. All right. This week hasn't been that much fun since alshon Jeffery your. I know I need to win. I be cut up. There may not want to see Andy Reid, you know, being held up by his players. He won't be. Vast kind of..

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