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Nine twelve there may be light at the end of the crisis for a drive in movie theater packed your popcorn for that story coming up well right now traffic and weather for traffic make way for Billy Johnson all right here I am John we're gonna go to this Google express what you're talking about that road work out there it's seventy six eastbound from mile really from exit three thirty over two three thirty one that right lane is going to be blocked this because they're working on the bridge as it passes over the Conshohocken state road down below a couple of things going on here in Norristown so more road work long term project here two oh two north bound that's Markley street that's closed between main and elm for a long term project in upper Moreland are Davisville road that's closed above tur would road it's also a long term construction project now the bridges all major Delaware River bridge bridge crossings those are cashless accepted the coni power Myra and Burlington Bristol bridge those still accept cash from sept a couple notes here the route ten trolleys as remain on diversion to fortieth in filbert street due to a water main break and the route one oh two and thirty four trolleys those are suspended until further notice due to the covert nineteen crisis I'm Billy Dawson in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center now we check whether here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei good morning happy Saturday looking a nice forecast today finally feeling like spring sixty five degrees our afternoon high temperature we're talking mostly sunny conditions in the morning then partly cloudy into the afternoon with those clouds building up by tonight and some rain starting.

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