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We're playing tonight. He was playing with you. You know you could poor guys. Loughgall follows act like. Oh we're going after practice in the nhl and that's an interesting thing. I think people think that these hockey players. That's all i do's hockey and they don't have a life outside of hockey but in the nhl when you plant a warmer city is it generally accepted on your off days or maybe after a practice. You don't have a game the next day to go peg it up after route. Yeah it's it is. I mean it's just a you get away from it all to write. You're thinking in playing hockey twenty. Four seven you're gonna get burned out worn out so you have the luxury of living in a warm city where you know you can play golf in december and get away from the game a little bit and you know just outside and clear your head. It's definitely welcomed and it's not frowned upon it. All by you know coaches or the organization. It's me it's no everybody's everybody's doing that. So i mean there's a there's a run there with talking about you. Know j. t. miller me j. t. miller had men and coast. We were when we fly into a city towards the end of the year. So that he's getting not nice but warming optic often just find any muny anywhere. We were applying into detroit. We'd find him. Uni put on our wear. Had you know thread shirts. Go read clubs and go play as you know. I mean you know it's It's just something you do. Yeah you can't beat it and you know you just can't beat it. You can't beat it. Have you ever played any golf in west. virginia. I have not nope. I'll man we gotta we gotta get you down. Let me know when. I'm in a try to try to link up and maybe do some charity. But no. that's the beautiful thing about golf. It connects people. Like i don't have a gold medal a silver medal. Red metal. your never skated on on a on. The ice in a professional relevant play is argued for eight years with my buddy here to my right. Got to peewee. I bear but what we have here as a common denominator golf. And that's i think it's beautiful. I.

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