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Lineups for the NHL. Stop. Yeah. I I I do well tonight. C thunder. Would you would you? Do you want some money tonight? I'll let the tears two games still going on. But I had a piece of the eight seven insane Chicago Ottawa game in and in Chicago tonight. I would say normally folks this is the first sign of a problem if you're betting on the NHL and filling out fantasy lineups with west coast hockey game. You Daytona five hundred yesterday. You had the Denny Hamlin. No, no. I didn't have any Hamlin Riddick. The last the last ten an hour and a half five crashes, and that's why you can't get into the sport. I tried to get in. I watched the Daytona five hundred. I'm not locked in from start to finish every year. But when it's on I'll watch it each year. I think it's a big event. And I like watching it. I think they do a great broadcast. But you tried to get into that final ten laps. You can't. There's crashes left. And right. They can make a left turn like either. Learn how to make a left turn. What are you doing betting on that? Well, draft kings has a system where they do it. So I I get involved in that because it's good value for me. And I put a couple of bets on who to win. Now. I bet Kurt Busch. Kyle Busch finished second. How do you know anything producer Paul do? You know, anything about the stages in said, I have no idea because stage one stage one stage stage around that, you know, anything about the is less than zero. Okay. Mom, I mean and most people probably around here. No less than zero about a two, but they had the different stages. Couldn't even they must have changed. I don't remember that you have one winner. That's it. But it's a loses the drama loses the build up when you have the final ten laps would should be the most exciting part of the race there marred by multiple crashes. So I had a rough time Napa producer, Paul. Have you betting on it? You'll get in. Anyway, you get the NHL going on you got NASCAR going on. What's next will golf you been golf? Of course, are you serious? Get a bit on that dog show the other day he would have other big dog show. I got asked by Tim and by Bob draft kings for the Westminster dog show, which I'm a big fan of watching for about twenty years. Wait a second. This is a joke right now. Man, serious serious into the dog show. I love it. I've been I've been to the dog show. What is happening here? You got fliegelman walking around with a Taylor swift hat on all he loves trust. You'll love the dog shows what what's happened since I've been gone here. What are they done to the fan? I mean, come on the guy's behind the other side of the glass used to be the man dog shows and Taylor swift hats. What's happening? Let me into that. Oh, that's old school right there. Dr. I love dogs. I love my dog a dog show..

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