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Page. Harkness is in charge of partnerships and integrations AL, Qaeda software Australia page talks about the voice landscape in Australia how al Qaeda got started, and how the voice company is helping the community come together through voice. I inside voice podcast listeners. This is your host Kerrie Roberts today my guest is page hartness who is in charge of partnerships and integrations at software. Welcome page. Thanks for being here. Thank you having meat carry now. You worked in the advertising and travel area for a while and now your invoice technology. What got you interested in working within the voice tax base? Actually. It was a serendipitous series of events I was on maternity leave and didn't actually have any plans to go back to work, but I was contacted through a contact that I knew through past employer, and she just needed somebody to go, but of content and a marketing. The venue ticks dot up here in Brisbane so I kind of. A rival the hour's work was flexible and the more I got into it, and the more I learn about the technology, and learned about the voice face most happening I just started getting really passionate and really excited about it and. Hungry just learn more and I started speaking to some of my media contacts and talking to some marketing brands about voice in about how it could be used a mess face, and just kind of grew inside me this passion and ended up taking no more hours. Now I'm working fulltime plus I think it was just my past life merged so well with this technology and the opportunities that communication and the compensation design aspect a little. Orders really fascinating and exciting. Yeah, and you are based in Australia, and it's always interesting to hear how voices kind of used around the world. What would you say is the current usage and perception of technology in Australia from a consumer and a business perspective I moved from consumer perspective Britain Containment Westbank. Did smart speaker adoption employed an Australia last March and that suggested that we head. Head around thirty percent adoption of smart speakers, which is wasn't time faster than our pads in the US and Europe. Like most other technologies quick to adopt, but it's been interesting because we haven't had a lot of proper usage figures come out so over this kind of past Mumbo true, of Covid nineteen with been getting some quite interesting usage stats come out from the broadcasting radio. Companies, so Santa Crossover Stereo who are major radio company here, the waitress and WanNa quit and December. They stated that the head a million listens to the news on demand, smart speaker, so that was a the trees that had been live and match they put add another series of statistics and civic about head of four, hundred, Sixty, eight thousand listens just much, and that also saying a massive spike in the middle on demand listening, and that twenty percent of that was coming bus, not speakers, so it's been amazing in I. Guess Exciting in this bleak time to say. Say. That people are spending more time on this month's Bacon in interacting with boys and I think maybe that's to do with working from home as well because a huge proportion of zero working from home, so having access to in having a little bit more time to experiment, and do you think that businesses are using it equally as much businesses? I think in Australia are traditionally quite conservative when it comes to new technology, so we've seen that innovative, which has been really exciting, but I would say that the majority of businesses have kind of they wanna see. See what they can to the doing, so it has been interesting over the past couple of months to save their is a greater equitize innovation, so we've been a bit busier speaking to new businesses that we haven't spoken to before and also reopening doors that were closed so businesses a really really busy in that run a fe, or that really quiet, and thus struggling, so the businesses who are really busy looking in a bit of ways to help service customers, so that's where invoice cheaper energy zero and you're your company, Acura. We last spoke before has. Has a really interesting beginning. Can you share the story of how the company started? And how it's evolved with the type of work, it does now yes. Oh, cure! Edgeley started off in the inclusion and accessibility space offender Ray guy, sit out on a mission to help blend fringe years the intimate in doing so he he looked at what was company at currently available in the mock, and realized that it was really kind of clunky and difficult two years these screenwriters that read one time on the screen and you push a button to rate each word and. Right decided that he could do something Columbia he's come from. Big Tick background, and so he decided to not only voted a toe that could scrape websites and visualize what was on the screen. He also figured out a way to translate and my accessible using voids, and so that was before Amazon launch here with Alexa exam before Google launched Google assistant so before those technologies were available even in Australia. Had built a voice engine from the ground up so outtake ecstatic it enables people to deeply utilitarian doing things on the Internet using just voice, so when this master his launched in Australia we saw natural virginity to pivot and got to expect and publish it out today's slots biggest that were becoming really popular outmatch Kim, and I'm able to share with us some of the clients. Your company has worked with and how it's their business so. Coming from an accessibility inclusion background the foundation clients that we've had have been largely government and local. Council and we've done some really fun things with them to help make their resources more accessible, but kind of in the voice spice. We've been working with some more. I. Guess You could say consumer facing brands. One of which is our ICQ Hora Big Motorin Club? Club here in Queensland. They provide insurance roadside assistance, those kind of things and the first project to them was just a little fueled oppress Chica at so you can get lives. Fuel prices that are kind of government regulated lives to use smarts. As while you're driving along, you can say with the cheapest fuel in Brisbane and will tell you the fuel new year. That was a fun one to start with the wind now exploring some more kind of date end utilitarian experiences with them, so that's a really neat project. The another Clinton has been quite active at the moment is the State Library of Queensland. And I think that one's interesting from the perspective of a lot of content sitting in the archives search as you can imagine a State Library I've got content going back to the first settlers in Australia, so the website is used a lot of people who had doing things, lack research, papers, or looking for the ancestry or finding resources for project, so whatever it is so I've got amazing content just sitting buried getting dusty these archives, and so we working with into surface that continent and bring it to life. Make it more interactive using points, and you were telling me earlier. That particular skill has gotten a lot of notoriety in Australia a lot, a press a lot. Lot of users. Can you talk about that as well? I think you're referring to the end Zek JAS. Go that way. Just done the them. We did that on Alexa. And also on Google Assistant. It was beautiful because when you consider that at the moment, people carnage late get out of the house and do what I would normally do and just to give the lesson as a bit of background Anzac. Day is the biggest die of remembrance that we have in Australia. New Zealand at the national. Day where we WANNA in commemorate the people.

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