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Jamal killings pled guilty today to felonious assault killings was accused of beating irt, and after he accidentally hit Jamal, four year old son with his car or was later shot, the debt by Dion Taber. It was sentenced last month to eighteen years to life in prison. A police pursuit of a stolen car ended in a crash in Middletown early this morning. The state highway patrol says the seventeen year old suspect collided with an SUV. Seriously, injuring the driver Thirty-three-year-old Courtney Tanner of Lebanon, her passengers suffered minor injuries. Police believe the teen who also suffered serious injuries in the wreck was under the influence of drugs, construction gets underway today for Duke, Energy facility this afternoon. Duke Energy will break ground on an eighteen million dollar operation center in Coleraine township, it will be the company's first the electric operation center since its last one open and Milford in nineteen Seventy-three Duke says around one hundred employees and contractors will be based at the new facility housing, office space a warehouse garage and covered areas for bucket trucks, and supplies us by line technicians. The groundbreaking is said for two o'clock, I'm Sean Gallagher NewsRadio seven hundred w l w prosecutors in Columbus are expected to talk this hour about an investigation into a doctor who may have been responsible for dozens of deaths alumnus. Police chief Thomas Quinlan and Franklin county. Prosecutor Ron O'Brien will hold a joint press. Con. Silence to discuss their investigation into the deaths of twenty five patients who are being cared for by Dr William coucil, not Carmo health system, says thirty five patients died under his care many being given excessive doses of medication. If this is more than a dozen wrongful death lawsuits, but doctors attorney confirming Houston is turning himself into with authorities adding that quote. Dr Houston did not intend to kill anyone and did not perform any mercy killings. We are cooperating with authorities and quote, Ryan burrow, ABC news on Wall Street a mixed day, so far. The Dow up one hundred two points while the NASDAQ has dropped four the SNP up six reds update Lewis castio went six innings striking out eight last night. UCLA Puig hit his eleventh home run of the season reds beat the cardinals in Saint Louis. Four to one same teams again tonight, our pre game coverage gets underway at seven fifteen right here on the home of the reds, our next update at eleven thirty Ritchie NewsRadio one hundred wwl.

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