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Standing right in front of him grabbed the rebound and split it into the crease forensic labs on it with the glove no one forty two left on the power play like that over there by Sean never know by the then they moved it actually real quickly it is very aggressive on the penalty kill bill chase and all around the box store was opened man in front of the net Andrew Shaw's the screen there but he turns around and make yourself available wide open is it to the left point Keith did a break at top of the right circle put in front re directed on gold turned wide debris gets to the point give a keen on the left for the down to shop on the the leaves of their for stroke from wheeling around it a break in the slot sixteen one circle put it back over further break it there may have been one too many passes as to flex over new player off the left boards it down fifty five seconds remaining log power play perching thirteen minute market period number three three not the Carolina he passing a place to stay is at center ice tried to back Canada hit the side taken away by teravainen overall hold you down New York hearing center right he was by teravainen fog blue line to strip for the Wedemark he'll clear down behind the heart yeah takes the puck lose it hit the center ice leftwing side tasty consistent canes wine your foot down on the left hand corner turning away to get the puck behind her he pulls a free game full of the right wing to centre race with the part of the deal behind the winner put his backside in the fall we was coming along to try and work the puck past in two seconds one the canes come to full strength Gardner is out of the box looks over to rule on the power play you entering the hurricane zone along the left wing boards will be back in a down behind the net difference like out the plate of food here so I kept in bike also Sir from the left forty fires a shot that sells wine the single then turns it misses on a pass of the right wing to so go all the way down and icing called against Carolina eleven fifty four left in the third three nothing Carolina hurricanes not very well executed on the second Cisco feeling good power play what now becomes your enemy shots on goal twenty nine twenty one that's not an indication of where the this game is gone based off the right hand side of brands that give wins a drawing of a left wing boards account with the Han try to fire toward the net deflection behind no Saks Fifth kept the puck aligned with the right point of the loss to down to Jordan saw bill senator the Senate race in a pocket in a long line write a book about the sunrise taken away again and again into the right circle firing a backhand by letter no man Riemsdyk the right point down to the right wing corner log zone the Hondas they're discovering the David cancer center rice Zach Smith with hurricane line of a left wing the slap it down behind them the carpenter gave the.

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