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Suzy. It was the could only have been different. John so see. She's gone vanished. Just went out like i like going out. Yes like a life going out. Susie has never been born. Frank never existed funds worth dead. I understand but has the it is the price of freedom for the world. The whole future is different. I will go back to a world. I may not even know. Now stand back frank. I'm signaling for them to turn on the time transmitter and put me back to twenty two twenty eight back in my own time. They hear that they will be activating the apparatus. I'll be going in a moment. Tell people are not tell them. Anything may lock you up in a sanitarium. If you do remember the doctors will say farnsworth died of a heart attack there will be no coup. He has been murdered now the by pranks getting misty past. I can throw you john john. The by price by the happy with naval remember. I predicted you would be famous. Forget about us. Forget about god and the trunks everything they brought with them. Gone every just Well that's the story. Folks that happen justice afternoon. John and susie dean from the year. Twenty two twenty eight assassinated the man who would have become dictator. And i can't put in fact. I wouldn't even have told you this but maybe she thought we had to tell just before she went to the hospital. She made me promise the shock of what happens. Wellish hurry things up and we sent for the doctor right away. After john vanished. We heard your off. i'm. I'm waiting now for word that everything's all right and i decided i'd tell you the story while i waited this. He his excuse me telephone..

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