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Two degrees by the way on the weekly podcast my three subs podcast dot com having a chat this week with the university of Memphis broadcaster Jeff right well he's gonna stop broadcasts several different sports we talked with him and also he's a crossfit coach so we talk about fitness at home you can get that you get six hundred M. B. R. E. C. scroll down and see the podcast there goes straight to my three such podcast dot com offered proudly on the I heart radio app absolutely free glad to do that thank you for joining us today and let's get around to some other headlines did you hear about this story we mentioned this last hour a mayor's crackdown on the corona virus ban breakers nets him a surprise violators Lilian Wu he begged residents to comply with corona virus stay at home orders now the mayor of Alton Illinois is dealing with an unexpected consequence just days after directing police to issue citations police calling mayor Brant Walker Sunday around one AM telling him they busted a bar in Alton and among those inside his wife Shannon Walker apologizing to the city Monday saying he was embarrassed that his wife exhibited a stunning lack of judgment and that he told officers to make sure she received no special treatment Lilian Wu fox news hello goodness gracious me hi other news president trump blaming the World Health Organization for sloppy and irresponsible response to the coronavirus here's our buddy John decker president trump saying on fox's Sean Hannity that his administration will be looking into the world health organization's response to the corona virus pandemic and is considering placing a hold on funding to the body well the one that is the primary funder and we're going to take a very strong look at that a spokesman for the W. H. O. is pushing back on the criticism that the organization is China centric saying its work with the country were covert nineteen was first detected was critical to learning more about the virus the US gave more than four hundred million dollars to the WHL last year in Washington John decker fox news in other news some areas could start banning plastic bags again in light of the virus your time G. powers laws banning plastic straws take out containers and shopping bags that recently took effect in some cities and states are now being put on hold reusable shopping bags of now come under scrutiny as there are worries about the coronavirus clinging to them its lead governors in Massachusetts and Illinois to ban or strongly discourage using the bags and Oregon has out right suspended its bag ban as city leaders in Albuquerque and other places have done the same thing a study by the national institutes of health says the virus can remain on plastics and stainless steel for up to three days and on cardboard for up to one day Tonya J. powers fox news land there's Tonya with an update on and on that so plastic bags I guess back in vogue now now that the reusable bags could pose a corona virus risk and then we've got one other one other story to I give you this morning as well as you we got to tell you about this and IT about a music legend recently passing away with complications related to the coronaviruses Carmen Roberts folk singer songwriter John Prine fill the American songbook with music that straddled Nashville country an Appalachian folk he created story songs with vivid imagery like Sam stone about a drug addicted Vietnam War veteran there's all the money go I shin it funny and sage songs made him a favorite of Bob Dylan Kris Kristofferson and many others earned him two Grammys membership in the songwriters hall of fame and the place in our memories the seventy three year old Prine died yesterday in Nashville from complications of the coronavirus Carmen Roberts fox news and of course you on rock one of three you know John Prine very well absolutely yes very Bob Dylan Askin it's he's he's great L. L. his story telling is as she just said is about as vivid as they come some songs painter very vivid picture and John Prine's were some of the best here's what I say you should do today Tim okay have a little fun with this where a Michael Myers mask I mean think about he's been social distancing with that mass since nineteen seventy eight he has been right I mean I don't I I I think it covers his nose into it there's no there's no mouth it covers his mouth so if you walk into Kroger the Michael Myers mask on him people may people may laugh at you they may also take you you know that this this we're gonna find out how serious people really are because you do have to crack a smile now and again and of course I'm sure some get off my lawn guys going to say that's not funny yeah you're mocking this whole thing I'm thinking that it will have to be a homemade job because I'm guessing party stores in Halloween stores mass stores probably not essential right now but if you just Google it should be good to go very good point and I I I had I paused yesterday with the question in my mind I think we're gonna look back at all this and say okay the one biggest mistake that was probably made as we question our government's decisions to do things is the decision of who is essential and who's not here's my here's my case in point I'm driving in yesterday and I see Joey bag of donuts he's going to work and more power to him so this is not a slight on him but the guy is replacing the real litter posters in the lawyer posters in the bus stop you know those those those billboards spaces around bus stops with the you know there there's a guy I'm taking okay that's an essential job but yet my need for a hair cut is not essential that's a good point it's baffling is what it is I guess the sign companies I mean they they it again it's not alleges winners or losers get text with essential and nonessential that that's what that's exactly my point and you brought it up great earlier that it is is this is a winners and losers game and this is where hopefully we'll look back in this is okay some of the mistakes that were made is the decision of what is essential and what is not because if you own a barber shop if you own a nail salon in those ladies working else logs were facemask anyway all the time whether there's a corona virus or not never walk by one of the the their businesses are central to them yeah I am intimately they wear those masks out of fear of halitosis from the from the client either they don't think life although although we're central the listeners you're the winners in all of this Memphis morning news eight fifty three lists check it out with other York the morning right now we wreck on eastbound walnut Grove road.

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