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And it seems to me we saw Palo cost the that situation. I still can't wrap my head around it on Monday when he was really trying to say we've seen some other situations. Like, there's an outlet in Russia who saying Alexander Volkov test positive. He is not talking about it. But then the UC comes out and says health issues, so like it's just to me. I. Understand that the trying to protect athlete, but is a feel as transparent as they would like it to be an feels like there could be a lot of gray area there to perhaps sweep things under the rug. How do you feel about the new policy as opposed to the old policy because we've talked about the old policy in the past about how guys were kind of branded as? Yep. Before they had a chance to really defend themselves much, preferred the new policy. Okay. I don't see. I don't see a reason that the old policy is better from the perspective of. If if we are announcing these things before somebody has had their time to prove their case, as you mentioned there is a rush to proclaim them guilty before tech checking into their innocence that that is that is no doubt. If somebody fails you saw to test before we even know what they failed for. Let's give a recent example in the case of TJ dillashaw. He was labelled a cheater immediately. A right off the bat. Everything was was still to be sorted out. And he was labelled a cheater now down the line. He admitted to this the results of this came out. And you know, it was clear that he had cheated the game. But before that he was already branded as a cheater. And I don't think that that benefits the fighters in any way, nor do I think the media the public having that information have a head of time benefits them in any way. Either us fighters that are suspended or currently pending, you know, a arbitration or any kind of case. With you Sada are not active. There's no reason for their information to be relevant to the public. They're not fighting. So we shouldn't be privy to those kinds of things unless there was a reason that we needed to be I don't think that them being on the shelf is enough reason to say we need to know this information so much prefer and lean toward air on the side of fighters being protected and their legacies and their case against something if they are going to contest it being protected against the idea of the public knowing about it earlier or later, it doesn't really impact in any way unless they're competing and because they're not competing to me. I don't see a reason to needs to be out there. That's fair. I just feel like sometimes they're not being as transparent. That's that comes down to whether you think they're going to be transparent with every test or not if you're operating under this new system, there's no guarantee that at the end of the process, they're going to release those tests either that you can still fudge, you know, you can still manipulate the system you can still mess with it, regardless of when that information is given. Regardless of when that information is distributed. So it comes down to whether you trust and rely on the validity of these tests being released altogether. Not whether they come out before this person has had their day in court or after this person has had their day in court. All right. We at a time. I wanna remind everyone because you you know, that we like pro wrestling here. We've talked about it that if you are a fan of all things wrestling much like my guy New York, Rick who's like the biggest cheap, heat, Mark. There is these sure to check out new episodes of cheap Pete with Peter Rosenberg every week. You can get him wherever you get your podcast. You listen to this every week. Correct..

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