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When the internet uncovered a batch of racist misogynist homophobic? Tweets that Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh heater had. Authored while in high school raised difficult questions I among. Them was why did hater harbor such thoughts let alone feel empowered to broadcast them publicly but the situation is also prompting baseball to ask itself how, did haters posts. Live online for so long and without his employers seeing them and what can be. Done to avoid such embarrassments in the future Here's this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka social media posts. Have tripped up a lot of people recently including major league baseball players now the league is trying to. Do something about it Jared, diamond of the Wall. Street Journal has the, story Jared did a controversy involving Josh hater of the brewers change baseball's approach to player social media it's, certainly changed the approach by some teams and, especially agents because the Josh Hader situation? What's happened the night of the all star game in mid-july was shocking for a lot of reasons the first and most important, was, the, things that Josh, eight, or tweeted while in high school work horrific they were beyond belief bad so many horrible tweets that's first and foremost? And the fact that he had these beliefs. Is a huge problem in something that maybe baseball can't. Control but is this a larger issue in society but we're baseball comes in is this and that's been in the major leagues for over a year Here it's been three. Professional organization he's got an agent for over half a decade and no one has ever, seen these. Tweets they were just sitting there on his time line just bleeding for somebody to find. Them and bring them back up which is exactly what's happened I think it's a lot of people especially. Agent to realize quickly that, maybe they're sort of. Process for vetting clients, and betting their social media history was not as robust as navy it should have been some other players, been caught up in the same thing yes, they have so after the, Josh hater? Situation there was a bit of a spurt of this fan Going back through players, do, they didn't like Twitter timelines and looking sort of on a mission to. Find things need them look really bad I'm not all, of, them were as bad as the stuff Josh? Hater tweeted but context gets. Lost over five six years when these tweets were, written the internet doesn't really forgive very well. And there really isn't any new often these situation so when there is anything on Twitter that you wrote in the, past that is remotely compromising. Let alone really vile like some of the things Josh eight or at said it's going to look bad and it's going to be bad for that player and that's what happened with. Two three four different players after Josh eight or getting caught up in similar. Situation, we're speaking. With Jared diamond of the Wall, Street Journal Jared what did baseball do after this incident Josh. Hader he was he was not. Suspended, not find he was not punished I don't. Think baseball under even the collective bargaining agreement would, have the ability to punish someone for actions that took place. Before he was an employee or part of the. Union of major league baseball that said he was sent to sensitivity training and he's gonna do some work, and some. Of the diversity efforts that baseball has with some of these, other guys they, may not have been punished but, beyond the sensitivity training we'll see I, don't really know what that is or. What it really entails the biggest issue here of. Course is that what these guys did what they tweeted while in high school was terrible and, it's nothing is absolving them was on what they said I don't think it's, reasonable or fair to say, well they were seventeen eighteen years old they they. Didn't know any better well they, did, no better by eighteen years old you do know the difference between right. And wrong especially when it comes to racial or sexist, or, homophobic language so I don't want to Make it sound like I'm absolving them However I do understand why the league and why the union. By agents are saying we have to do a better job of making sure this doesn't happen again does it seem like the public and maybe the teams have. Even accepted what Josh ater and. Some others have said that, they were. This way then they've changed they're not that way now look I. Think that's definitely something that's possible, and I do think that people's, on the internet don't leave room for people to grow I do believe that someone can be one way to. Age eighteen be a different person by twenty five, twenty, six I believe that one hundred. Percent I know that's the case. With, some of these guys were talking about no. I don't know what the this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka, with Wall.

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