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Fundamental fairness issue because the many most people most businesses have been following this and we're we're seeing good results of that in Ohio but for the few who are it's just out of fairness that we owe it to those who are following the rules to enforce these orders to make sure that that we treat people fairly across the state a couple of additional items that were added for clarification we know that there is a high there's been some revised guidance from homeland security under the C. I. SA description of the central businesses up the addendum the amendment to that really covers the commerce so if you're in that area your business I encourage you to look at the addendum that will be attached to the order I know a lot of you called about the fundamental fairness regarding that the travel the self quarantine under that did the travel order it's very important that was in there we know that many of you know that most most of you have done it the right way so people who are coming in from other states it's important that you are not allowed to Ohio's problem that you have to follow the rules it is also you know we have we have when we wrote the first order it was a little cooler we know is now getting a little warm with questions about lawn mowing and lawn mowing services we we've addressed that we know some people particularly if your elderly you may not be able to mow your yard or take care of the things that you need to there's a provision under section two about a single person being able to come and perform those kind of tasks for you that they would be covered under that an important point governor mentioned this doesn't go into effect until Monday so the dispute resolution component more information will be coming to you skews me on how that will be enforced and how if you have an issue that you will be able to engage in that in that process on next I want to do a clarification from yesterday we had a lot of questions regarding regarding the executive order regarding the foreclosures on commercial mortgages and properties I ask you to read the order I say that about all this whether it's the new order that just came out under state home or the order they came out under of foreclosures on commercial properties it did not say you do not have to pay your rent it did not say you do not have to pay your mortgage let's be clear about that what it really says is that we're hitting the ninety day pause on foreclosures and that if you find yourself due to cover nineteen coronavirus you cannot pay your mortgage or pay your rent then you need to work that out the terms of that you need to work that out with the financial institution or your landlord it is it is not a license to not comply with the terms of those arrangements you need to make new arrangements the unemployment numbers I know that the national numbers came out this morning they were very startling to people to put in perspective we added two hundred and twenty two hundred seventy two thousand one hundred and seventeen people through for the week ended March twenty eighth in the last two weeks we've added four hundred and sixty eight thousand four hundred and fourteen people to the unemployment rolls as a result of coronavirus to put that in perspective all of two thousand nineteen we had three hundred and sixty four thousand six hundred and three people applied for unemployment so we had more than a hundred thousand people in the last two weeks supply than we did in all of two thousand nineteen and that has put a huge burden on director Kim hall and her team at ODJFS I am correct and I talk every day she's added three hundred new employees as of today to the call center to help with that system and that has just told me all right before I came in here that they expect to add a thousand by the end of next week so they're bringing this online this fast as they can but we know it's still for some of you not enough it's continues to improve we're adding also tech capacity to the sixteen year old system that we have trying to make sure that this gets done right remember the number is eight seven seven six four four six five six two your use the phone line or unemployment dot Ohio dot gov expanded hours we know that it's been seven to seven.

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