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Third. Wow. Okay. United both Leicester City. Much to the Chagrin, apparently have done wolves in six Gabrielle Zeus as your top score I guess you could put I don't care for that one as well but you put the I don't care for your player of the year I thought about sipping Christian Pulisic just just since you didn't offer one but but we'll leave it I don't care for now. Frank. First of all, you have to defend your decision here to have Liverpool behind Chelsea I know you have your Chelsea ways but calling the thirty three points behind Liverpool last season Stevia screaming somewhere right now I know I know and. I don't put many changes on my bedding, but I I just wanted to think that football is not. An exact science and I WANNA make sure that we can sit up surprises and of course, everybody knows my lava of Chelsea. But I'm not being completely insane when I say that I mean the the recruitment of Chelsea's absolutely fantastic and I mentioned in the program that just Liverpool could face during that season that the lack of competition between the players players already established for like the past two years and they won the Champions League, they won the the the the premier league. Maybe, they're going to be blase, and I'm GonNa miss some some Some Games are well being bad in some games, and we also said that without fans Liverpool is not maybe the same club or the same team because they always win especially at Tom the used to play at twelve and we know that's makes huge difference is why I took a chance to Chelsea second. Down one of the things that jumped out to me from your predictions you've got Harry Kane is your Golden Boot but you don't even have spurs in the top six. How's that going to work? On will I think I regain? Listen I think if he stays fit I think he's nailed on distance. Great contenders. ADULTING is zoos. that. Sorry, Frank. Don't you play if it fits I'm not sure he's getting his numbers from by man come into that conversation brought. You see the way new knows spent his money. He hasn't lost too many pledged wolves are see them kicking on they won't have a million games last season. So I think bill finish well I'm not. You see the way Michaela Tata's got the also sideline I think. They have got some fantastic young players again mid make me Robo with community shielded in cashier and soccer and Maitland Nal snapchat that hung got to play the game and lack. Of Bamiyan the players at go on the Defensive Shite Wilkerson, which is from absolutely nowhere. They look there's other hall to beat the Game Plot. So they expect big things from Austin season you've got team Oh verners, your player of the year what about the bedding in period the transition period always hear about the Premier League Yup lied and listen I was I was so close to putting. Kevin O'Brien and starts the obvious because he's just ridiculously good player probably one of the best place the best plan the primarily. But up just seen enough a team or Villanova and the question mark is whereas you're gonNA play GonNA play is Chelsea's number nine which different skill to what is normally. So I use those rubber said before I think playing the left hand side make those rooms. And sound quality and he's Is I think Chelsea, fans are absolutely gonNA love. Bravo I can't help but note that you've left Arsenal out of your top four given all the momentum that they seem to bill. Why? Don't think they're a top full side I think that'd be challenging, but they weren't quite get there still got problems. If you look at their midfield Jack Ass the believe he's thirty best to be good enough to play in a in a chuck side. Midfield soubirous is good on the board, but I'm not sure he's got defensive qualities. You'd still say even though they played well towards the last season. Debbie. Louise can be liability at the back I. Think he might be out for a while before. The start of the season but I still think A lot of work to do I, think they're gonNA play quite well did right at the end of last season and they. Loosen. Guns I think it'd be better than they were, but they're not going.

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