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You're going to need to pay your employees maybe catering GIG and you need to send an invoice square. Can help with all of that. And it's not just restaurants square can help you no matter what kind of business you've got. I urge you to see all the way square can take your business from square. One to whatever's next at square dot com slash go slash DAX. We are supported by Indochino. Indochino makes custom menswear now. It's not even so much about the suit. Although they make gorgeous suits I have found through. You know going on red carpets and whatnot. That it's all about the fit. You gotta get your suit to fit you correctly. An indochino made me a suit that fits like a damn glove with Indochino. It's all about you. You get to choose from hundreds of high quality fabrics to pick your color pattern in weight. You like best. Then you choose all the personal touches including your lining lapel and Monogram. Customisations are all your choice. And there's no extra costs. Your suit is made your exact measurements. The end up with a perfect fit for the shape of your body. Indochino also sells custom shirts coats. And Chino's so you can get a full custom. Wardrobe have showrooms across North America where one of their style guides can take your measurements and walk you through the process or you can do all from your home at Indochino Dot Com right. Now get an extra thirty dollars off any purchase of three hundred ninety nine dollars or more at Indochino Dot Com when entering DAX at checkout plus shipping is free. That's Indochino I N. D. O. C. H. I. N. O. Dotcom Promo Code. Dax for thirty dollars off your total purchase of three hundred ninety nine dollars or more high quality custom suits off the rack. Price Columbia.

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