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Now it's the last day of the cop 26 climate summit in Glasgow. A new draft agreement published in the last few hours, weakens government's commitments on fossil fuels. But has stronger language on paying poorer countries to tackle climate change. So where does it leave us? There are growing fears that the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C is unlikely to be met. In the next few minutes, we'll be speaking to Mary Robinson, former Irish president and chair of the elders who is at cop and has been very critical of some of the nation's she considers a blocking progress. Care homeworkers want double jabbed against COVID are now forbidden from working in care homes. The rules came in yesterday and there have been numerous emotional accounts of managers having to sack people over the past 24 hours. We'll hear from one of them. Dame rose tremaine is going to be with me here in the studio to talk about her latest historical novel, lily. It's a tale of revenge set in Victorian London. Lilly, who was abandoned at birth sees the very worst and best in human nature. We'll also be talking about so called daddy issues, often a slur thrown at women. What does the relationship between men and their daughters tell us? This morning I want to hear from you about how your relationship with your father has affected you and your relationships. You can text me now on 8 four 8 four four, text will be charged at your standard message rate. So tell me, do you have daddy issues? Do you know someone who does? Whether you put your father on a pedestal, and now you find it really hard to find a partner who matches up to him or did your dad leave the family home when you were a child, what impact did that have on you, your relationships with men with your children with your partner? And why is this something that is only thrown at women surely men can have daddy issues too? And what about mummy issues? Getting touched by social media is at BBC women's air, or you can email us through the website. Plus, the world's biggest 24 hour shopping spree has just come to an end, but you might not have even heard of it. It's called singles day in China. It's a kind of anti Valentine's Day celebration, but the Chinese government it does have a serious edge, as marriage rates have plummeted over the last decade. But let's begin by speaking about this new draft agreement, which has been drawn up at the cop 26 climate summit. It has stronger language about helping paying poorer countries to fight climate change. But on the flip side, it's softened government requirements to reduce fossil fuel and coal use. What it does say is that governments need to urgently tackle climate change. It's been described as a monumental challenge to keep 1.5 alive. That's the view of cop 26 president alok Sharma. The UN secretary general Antonio Guterres says the goal was on life support. So we do know cop 26 is entering its final day. It's widely thought that governments will not make the commitments needed to ensure temperature rises remain below that 1.5°C compared with pre industrial temperatures. If so, does that mean that this climate summit has been a failure? Well, one person who's been there throughout and is staying till the bitter end, whether that's tonight tomorrow Sunday is Mary Robinson, who was president of Ireland in the 1990s, now the chair of the group the elders. Well, during the week, as it emerged that the targets hoped for are unlikely to be reached, it really got to her in an interview with Sky News. I'm saying to the leaders who were here now, this.

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