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Class compliance will be made through access the university's campus WiFi Alley, Ventnor, Katya, Our news 5932 new coronavirus cases today. Along with 253 new deaths. 215 of those deaths are due to death certificate matching the coronavirus Hospital metrics continue to trend up, and there's more money coming for Arizona restaurants governor do see announcing another $2 million toward expanding outdoor dining. So far, 265 Arizona restaurants have applied to the safest outside restaurant assistance program. And 114 have received funding totaling a million dollars. Katya our eyes on the economy Valley business leader says The economic snapshot for the Valley is very positive this year. Greater Phoenix Economic Council President and CEO Chris Camacho says he expects full employment to return later this year. Retail hospitality Main Street, Small business will still slowly recovery is consumer confidence comes back and individuals were able to get back in public and spend money in traditional ways. Macho, says 107. 1000 of the 214,000 jobs lost in the greater Phoenix area during the pandemic have been recovered for all the news on Cove in 19 in Arizona. Just go to Katie Jr dot com slash coronavirus. Katya our eyes on education course showing that there's a severe teacher shortage. Not much progress has been made in Arizona to feel teaching positions. Katie Briers. Griselda is the Tino is live now, with findings from the latest teacher survey. Yeah. Vicky Lynn about 27% of teaching positions remain unfilled in Arizona, up from 24% this time last year. That's according to the latest survey by the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association. Also, we did see a significant increase in people leaving their teaching position. Their teacher contract from the August survey to now, the association's Justin Wing says in late August about 750 teachers left their classroom. That rose to about 1360 in December enough that number 501 of those were due to coded as the primary reason reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No, Katya Our news. The Maricopa County Attorney's office will not charge the Phoenix police officer who allegedly made a credible threat against Mayor Kate Diego last October. While Officer Stephen Pullo Sis statements were considered a true threat. The county attorney's office says it won't pursue charges due to legal precedent that would make it difficult to get a conviction. Pelosi was reassigned to work from home while the criminal investigation was conducted. Spokesman says Mayor Diego is disappointed and hopes this decision won't discourage anyone from reporting a threat. Three Arizona Republicans and a Texas senator will launch objections to our state's Democratic Electoral College votes for President elect Joe Biden. Katya ours, Peter say more joins us Live with this story. Well, Becky Ted Cruz of the Lone Star State along with Arizona representatives, and he begs Davey Lesko and Paul Ghosts are will make one last ditch effort tomorrow to give re election to President Donald Trump. But it's not all about 45. There's talk about either one running for the Senate. There's gonna be a good fight for governor Do sees SUCCESSOR. A few history professor Donald Pitch Low, says most Republicans will star in political Theater because their party is about to lose the White House officially when it certifies the electoral College tomorrow, based on alphabetical order, Arizona will be the first battleground state where electors will be challenged. I watch sure everybody that will get through this that this is just a continuation of politics that we've seen since our wife time. Let's face it. Debates over disqualifying electors will last most of tomorrow. But Critchlow believes Biden will officially win after it All reporting live. Peter Seymour, Katie our news 508. Let's check on the roads again with detour Dan in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center are going to take a look at some of your freeways. At the moment, they could be a lot of worries. I'll tell you that westbound high 10. For starters, a lot of light to moderate mix of slow and go about 18 minutes and right time's worth from the 51 westbound out to the one No. One. But getting western. There's no problem. Just a tap of the brake lights just west of the 303. Interchange at the moment, the West found one of one's looking good. No delay. The North found 17 2 extra minutes for you. That's from the split North bound up to Peoria brake lights of the Central Avenue construction, mainly but another little taste of light slowing right around North bound 17 at Thomas Got Iraq the 51 actually to one in northern one a cactus, but both wrecks are off right. This traffic report. It's.

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