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I can imagine and you spoken a lot about. Maybe how how different the game is played over there. And how there's a silent is so different if you can. Kind of touch on that So obscene going to so many. Different countries maybe. Did you see differences contradict country or maybe it was it more of this european basketball. I think it was more. This is european basketball. Than i was stubborn in my ways of what i was taught from coaches at going coming from come from a college or high school in audio. Both the game didn't necessarily change. It was really me adapting in and buying into whatever. The coach's philosophy was my whole fifteen. Fourteen year careered. The plays didn't change much is still you know high pick and roll still still back. Dole cuts still the same exit floppy porn onset so nothing has really changed is really player in for example was me buying into with the coach. You know one from me and then once that happened you know. Put the team I be put detained before any anything. I was trying to do. My career took a turn for bet for the better i. It's perfect and one thing par when you wearing greece. I'm curious when you were there. If you maybe talk about the fans. I know like stuck. It's low right playing with. How can i can see you smiling. Because it's it's every every when. I talked to play over there so the same thing winston when i went to see my solo flares and everything is anything maybe from with one game. I cannot believe these fans did this or something like that. Always of course you know. Once you get introduced introduced the european basketball. You always dream of being in front of those. You know that the night goes olympia calls type atmosphere crowds. And i remember my first game against olympiakos. I was fortunate enough to play for one of the bigger teams historically in in greece. No so other teams. Outside of arras. Power i the grain..

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