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Which is the studio Baltimore had stripped off twenty one point trustee they doubt lead in late one forty one to six what is still Boulevard Jackson eleven straight win since losing to Cleveland has for the Steelers hurdles a man out of the far side across the forty five yard line to the forty eight yard line markets may was the defender that the rookie penny still went under we have a us down it appears with three oh nine to go there in the third quarter marquees Pouncey the eight time Pro Bowl center is down at the forty yard line at the start of this drive with the Steelers trailing the jets thirteen to ten yeah I really like Benny Snell he hasn't gotten as much play during this game with James Connor out but he's a guy coming out of the university of Kentucky he plays with the giant chip on his shoulder and he was there at the university Kentucky he was the guy that raised at the he was the spark plug for Kentucky the way the Jamal is Jamal Adams does for the jets defense I really like the way he plays he plays angry he runs violently hello I want to see him get more opportunities because I think he fits the the MO of how the Pittsburgh Steelers want to be built hello bunch of the Steelers the linemen have just helped Pouncey up I don't know if it was left knee or left leg he's trying to walk it off right now they only have two active backup lemon sack banner who's been a tackle eligible a few.

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