Vice President, The House, DC discussed on Sean Hannity


Could have changed that is if we have the courage to put the vice president in the senate leadership care that chair at the front of the body and get him to rule that these things were and order that's what i favored and several other conservative favored that as well as anybody talked to the vice president about well i think it would have come from it would have to be unanimous from our leadership it's not something that can be done with twelve republicans deciding they wanna to do it it takes all fifty two of us because you would have to uh muscle at through and invite the vice president set up there and basically that is something that takes a an overwhelming majority of your caucus to get done and when we have discussed it there has not been content who says that what is that it should be don although i think my frustration of obamacare is such that i would've voted so you know what i think it's time to get rid of care and if it takes putting the vice president chair i'd have to vote for it is a lot of people like me that are angry with the house and senate and i have some friends in in dc a lot of people and and i'll give you some examples i mean that behind closed doors there were some house members there are some senate members that actually trashed the president and openly speak that they don't want him to succeed have you ever heard of petty buddy that you know of in the senate in the house the toxins way you know i think it's actually less so i think the president gave during more and more support among republicans overtime and i think for example not everybody agrees with every statement of president make but i think they've seen the good i mean the feeling of getting a supreme court justice like gorsuch that comes along once in a lifetime if you're lucky and so that is a huge deal repealing you know sixty billion dollars with the regulations in the first month so for all of our disagreements on obamacare which are deeply disappointing kamei the fact that we got gorsuch and then we got regulatory repeal and that the president put forward.

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