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In a lucid energy people are trying to recapture that is just something special is as it's listened moments in the garden on moments in the garden. You can't recreate that. You gotta let the moment happened. What's your favorite moment. Ever in the garden. I think that one like that that and not even playing just like walking out that tunnel and waving is just like seeing the video and they wouldn't show me video prior to that he was like man. We just going to give you a nice introduction. Will come out and i come on. You can't do this ships before the game. I got goosebumps. Yeah i shoot the ball over the basket right up so high but it was a it was a great moment man and you know that was that was one Thank i know we we play chicago. I think that was saint patrick's saint patrick's day or something like that sent todd game up in one game with two game winner so that was a moment. the sixty two point game Was pirated top What so i told you before. We started that I still a bulls fan. I still contend that if you had joined the bulls in two thousand fourteen that team would compete for title so walk me through that. I have a question. I and it's going to be creepy and i know the answer to it but i gotta ask you anyway do you. Yeah you probably have no idea who i am. You probably never never on your radar. But i did go on a hot dog strike for you to sign with the bulls that summer. I only ate hot dogs for dinner for like two weeks straight. I tweeted you every day being. Please calm bobby was hotdogs. I wasn't going to be going to be plotted guy. I just wasn't gonna be playing. It was never going to work every. And how'd you got me on the grill. Like mellow response me. He actually answered the question. I would not have been good. It wouldn't be a good fit for you being chicago if you don't like hotdogs. I know like chuck just when he message me. I guess sort of hot dog is backed off of that ever offer another man. I got it i got. It might have been tampering to now. That i'm thinking about it but let's let's talk about that because i do think you were. The perfect fit for that team Was it the fact that the front office and the coach will the coach. The front office was spying on him. Which actually i think was true. Did you catch win volvo c so you get it from the other side no i i do. How dysfunctional it was. Because you've you'll bulls fan. Yeah right so. That's what i'm saying. So that's helpful to know when i'll say my hands. Okay all right because you're giving it to me from from a difference. I thought that gar were spying on him. Which i think was actually true. I don't know what was going on. Okay i just know. I'm very ago for energy. I go fives. And when i get this icago any like the vibe was there you know joe kim was there the rose was there like you know we we talking about it and i'm sitting there and just like i want to make this happen like feel like if there's gonna be a time for me to make a move like this is the right move for me to make and then i leave and i go to a couple of other cities it wasn't it wasn't the same reaction invive energy but i'm started getting these texts and calls like man. This shit is crazy over here. You know we all know who want to be here. And i'm like i. I'm not about to leave one of them's type of situations that go another day. The same situation right. i rather just. I'd rather just come back home. Stay stay well matt so it is kinda true that the the front office and there. I've always thought that they're at least in that regime. They've changed now but that regime had trouble landing big free agents because that type of word gets out there around the league where it's like. Hey it's a little dysfunctional here. Yeah i think it was. I don't know bow. no i i've never heard of. Chicago was dysfunctional. Ben outsider was John paxson shocked. Vinny del negro. I've never. I've never. I've never heard of but you would see see things. You would read things you know you see reports on different players and you just like what is going on over there. Would it have been a good fit though. I think he would have because it was the offensive piece. A day was a great great team. Rhino they would they would score and they needed. They needed somebody else. Somebody else to score the basketball It was. I thought it was too much on d. Rose as a point guard to try to score. Get everybody involved. Lead a team you know. Mvp but that. That's that's still a lot when you don't you. Don't have that that robin which batman or whatever you know you'll have your. Yeah the superhero. Which yeah you know. You just have a great team. A well put together team. Great coach But when you got to do it when you do it yourself even though you can do it. Yourself is is tough yeah. I'm glad you brought up the batman. Robin because i'm about to ask a question that i'm going to hate saying but i have to ask so batman robin eighty lebron which is which who's batman. Who's rob. yeah. I'm i'm a justice league guide to okay so not original robin and i know the new robert. I watch teen titans and all that. So they both batman. But i'm gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna say this. I think they're both batman. I think at times. I think a d can be robin wright. Lebron tried to be robin. But ain't who he is. He is batman. Bruce wayne eighty can be robin. He can switch it up. And that's how that's how i like to. I like to say that. Now they both batman but eighty can be robbing a little bit. More than lebron can be a robert. Yeah how frustrating was it when you were out of the league knowing that you were still better than a lot of guys in the league's i'd you know i'd see the videos. I am convinced that what's the gym called. That you guys all work out at here in the guy yeah. I'm convinced the rims are a slightly bigger because no one ever misses in that. Jim this is shoot as jim. Yeah right exactly. It's not bigger. But it's an perfect jim for the instagram. But how frustrating was that. Because you're sitting there like. I'm still better than a lot of guys here..

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