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This podcast is going to keep growing. Keep going keep going. Keep growing growing in his kennedy been bigger from here. I think that's that's the only way we're going to get it when people on the air that we originate with agriculture farming You know animals haunting qualities are people that lincoln learn from you know. I'm hoping to get some pretty big names in here but With that being said this is only twelve minute. Podcasts and I just wanted to get on here. It just bring you have been talking about coming out with a new podcast for a while. i just haven't had any to talk about. I started a new job and died. I really just didn't have much to talk about. I look forward to in on here and talking to people But yeah thank you forever. Everybody that listens this You know. I didn't know there was so many people that actually listened to it and I in thank you so much that you're listening to the daily podcast. Money's been denali. We're going gonna talk about all perspectives of life in a ideas of of The future in how we can make it better. You know every avenue and thank you so much again and hope podcast brought you joy and happiness but without me said i will probably be doing one tomorrow now. Hct has a great day again. God bless you for listening to podcasts. Peace out girl scout..

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