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Michael in virginia beach virginia to speak with our guest ed bolid and the naming like yes good evening jim thank you so much for having missed evolving on sure i uh i see a very dangerous parallel and if little of socalled privatization and he'll be uh we've seen that in the soviet union uh that's why we call them russian guard today basically donald back country from the people less keep in mind that that the the ramp uh runaway a mobster capitalism that occurred of the soviet union added transferred into the post the soviet state of russia has nothing to do with what has happened in this country and while there may be arguments for and against privatization but we haven't seen anything like what's happening in the soviet there are in russia today sets the era of the robber barons a century and a quarter ago and even that wasn't as bad as it is in russia today okay look here's what i'm saying uh the federal reserve bank is a parallel to what next you're bowling is talking about the community banks in this country control vastly more wealth than does the federal reserve but who controls our congress if the federal reserve well we'll we'll let you go on that note michael because the federal reserve is not quote control congress uh any more than the trilateral commission drowned vince foster with fluoridated water but uh back to our subject it had a blister bowl of uh get based on what i'm seeing happening here uh certainly this build is run into a roadblock is a dead well we're we're very concerned that uh that air will continue to be a strong push by the airline uh to to uh get this bill before the house and uh and try to to to jam at through this congress and i think that's why were gratified that over the last number of uh of weeks and months we had uh business leaders who were pilot who are writing to members of congress mayors nascar uh has expressed their concern about it solely fillon burger uh people people from all across the political spectrum left and right uh big companies small companies big cities small towns north south east and west and in a lot of england opposite hour a lot of people in abuja official take a break at sorry about those breaks but we have to pay bills and we'll.

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