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Be starting with you affording or hiring even a business attorney to help them with certain things <hes> that this can be something that's missed and and what I always tell 'cause people like me. There's you know there's other people like me out there. That can do your trademark search and do the filing at what's going to be extremely affordable rate and do it well and and that's something that's available in today's marketplace because of the way that legal practices changed and and there's a lot more <hes> lawyers out there that are geared toward helping helping businesses of the absolutely and it's one of the reasons why I definitely wanted you on the air because I understand there there has been this chasm <hes> to your point <hes> related to intellectual property services. I worked at a big firm in Washington in D._C.. And for the longest time that's really the only that was kind of like the only game in town or a really high brow boutique firm that really wasn't accessible so <hes> your point is really well taken why some many small businesses have avoided needed this so I talked a little bit about branding a might seem obvious <hes> the relationship between the trademark and brand. How would you say what is the relationship between a trademark and brand really? They're one and the same typically you say okay you have Nike and that's a brand right and Nike owns the trademark registration on the word Nike.

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